Ballot Scanners Broken in New York City: Who’s to Blame?
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Ballot Scanners Broken in New York City: Who’s to Blame?

USA Really

NEW YORK – November 6, 2018

With mid-term news raging in the media and throughout society in general, a number of problems directly connected with the electoral process in various states have been reported.

A USA Really correspondent reports from New York City that the ballot scanners have been broken at a few polling stations throughout the city.

This could be because the turnout is much heavier than anyone expected, but there are also rumors flying around that it’s the handiwork of some hackers, which would suit the mainstream media quite well, allowing them to play the “witch hunt” card.

Unfortunately for the “Ministry of Truth,” first, the problems have been reported only at a few polling stations (on Manhattan’s Upper West side, for example), and, second, most conspiracy theories circulating don’t connect theto “foreign hackers.” According to online comments, it’s believed this was an inside job of hackers who tried to break the ballot scanners to make the voter turnout appear lower.

Thus, the scanners could have easily been broken by the Democratic Party’s IT units, as they were already caught in late August trying to “crack” the database of their potential voters by hand.

The questions to be asked is: Wasn’t the August operation in Michigan a preparation for the mid-terms on the part of the Democrats? Will the Democrats blame some “foreign power” for it this time? And, of course, what will they do if they eventually lose the mid-terms? Only time will tell.    

USA Really is covering the mid-terms around the clock, so stay tuned.

Author: USA Really