New Rules of the Game for the Republicans: How to tackle censorship and raise money
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New Rules of the Game for the Republicans: How to tackle censorship and raise money


A USA Really correspondent went to Washington D.C. to take part in a meeting held by leading Republican political scientists to hear their opinion on the main features of this mid-terms campaign, and what has dramatically changed for the Party in the era of censorship and neo-liberal agenda.

The speakers were:

Saul Anuzis, Coast to Coast Strategies, who has worked for Ted Cruz;

Becki Donatelli, Campaign Solutions, who has worked both for John McCain and Lindsey Graham;

Harlan Hill, Logan Circle Group, one of the founders of the Democrats for Trump Movement

S.A.: “The expenditures of the candidates have grown significantly. We also see a number of candidates using media technologies, like never before, so to get to the target audience. So to combine it, we see much effort from the independent groups to raise money, and this is something really new of this campaign.

What candidates do in general, they target particular audiences, rather than work with the population in the whole; that’s what we see at the example of seniors’ groups of audience. This is a feature that proves the point of view the country is now really polarized, so the candidates have to target some of their true potential voters to find their ‘teammates.’

We are really at very different stage now compared to 2006 (my first campaign), or, to say, 2010. Even despite the fact we did use the databases at these campaigns.”

B.D.: “Indeed, much has changed in the rules of the game. On the Republican side, we don’t really trust the media, the technology companies: We do think Facebook, Twitter and others – don’t like us.

So, we have to find some other way to communicate to our public, to get the message to people. We do a lot to raise money digitally, though—primarily through direct mailing.”

H.H.: “I’ve got much experience from the Democratic side, and I should say that the party would never ever encounter the problems Republicans have to tackle, even despite the fact they are supported by the President of the United States, and in terms of fundraising too. Unfortunately, Republicans have to also work hard on the improvement of their local headquarters infrastructure, since the party is still far behind the Democrats in the use of digital databases and technologies.

And, definitely, the potential NGP ban might help the Republicans get back to the game: it’s really ‘cheating,’ since they don’t have to retrain their stuff every time, when the new campaign starts…”

Answering questions asked by the audience, the political scientists pointed out that everybody is competing now through gadgets and mobile devices, which is really revolutionary and heretofore unseen. Harlan Hill has also said that the SMS system, despite being a bit outdated in 2018, is still an important part of the political campaigning. Becki Donatelli added that the Republican side will continue the use of innovative technologies to achieve success and new visible results.

Author: USA Really