Becki Donatelli: “Facebook Hates Us All!”
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Becki Donatelli: “Facebook Hates Us All!”

USA Really

WASHINGTON D.C. – November 7, 2018

Becki Donatelli, a Campaign Solutions representative who has worked for both John McCain and Lindsey Graham, came out with a rather loud statement at a meeting held by leading Republican political scientists in Washington D.C. yesterday.

According to Donatelli, implementing censorship on its social media platform, Facebook expresses true hatred both for social groups and non-governmental organizations (primarily those that sympathize with Republicans) that use it, and also for ordinary users who can get banned for nothing.

She also added: “This is a very interesting issue on how we talk to our people, to our audience…under these circumstances…” to which Harlan Hill, a representative of Logan Circle Group and one of the founders of the Democrats for Trump Movement responded: “Facebook doesn’t let the Republicans to conduct the polls, which is a huge disadvantage for us! Along with the ban we get on TV, this turned out to be a real disaster!”

Saul Anuzis, a member of Coast to Coast Strategies who has worked for Ted Cruz, has also stated that he has encountered censorship on Facebook numerous times. Mr. Hill also stated that sometimes during this campaign it took Google no less than three days to accept his political advertising, which resulted in huge time and money losses.

Eventually, Mr. Anuzis said, censorship on social media should be tackled by the First Amendment, but unfortunately the courts aren’t independent and can’t do anything to save ordinary people from the wrath of Zuckerberg.

As we’ve reported numerous times, this fall Facebook initiated a purge of people of various political views that aren’t liberal. The USA Really News Agency’s accounts have been blocked several times as well, violating a number of articles of the American Constitution regarding the freedom of speech. Along with Facebook, many other social networks controlled by Washington have been practicing a similar approach to those who disagree with the mainstream media agenda. 

Author: USA Really