David Keene: “Both Sides Have Dug Into Each Other Like Never Before”
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David Keene: “Both Sides Have Dug Into Each Other Like Never Before”

USA Really

American Conservative Union Chairman David Keene has commented on this midterm campaign, touching on its main features of it and the polarization in modern American society:

“As a Republican, as a conservative, I find it really dangerous how both sides have dug into each other during this campaign, like never before. The media blames everything on one party, the Republicans, and I see much hypocrisy in it.

For example, both parties have basically built their platforms on social fears: If you were Republican, it was fear of immigration; if you were a Democrat, your party would tell you the Republicans will take away your healthcare. Unfortunately, Democratic people don’t care what you did for them, they only care what you will do for them even if their expectations are phony.

Interestingly, if you look at the exit-polls and social polls, the economy, that used to be a big issue during previous campaign, isn’t an issue anymore, because it’s doing fine, but you don’t get credit for it. You only blame the economy when it’s in bad shape. However, if you take a look at the media coverage, you figure out these are the Republicans who should be blamed for everything, not the Democrats.

And Facebook also does much to contribute to the hypocrisy propagated by the mainstream media. Earlier this week there was a scandal in Missouri connected with the NRA, when local Republicans weren’t allowed to advertise on the social network. Yet, you will only be able to hear about the suppression of Democratic voters, and never about the suppression of Republican voters. And this is another reason this race was a really close one: the Dems got an advantage, closing in on the Republicans.

The question of where this country will go is to be decided…”

Responding to a question from the audience on whether he would consider the Republicans to have been defeated.. in the mid-terms or not, Keene said:

“Well, defeat is very relative. I think Republicans would be pleased with a win in the Senate, and also pleased with fact the House staying ‘not so Democratic.’ But both sides have good things to look at and bad sides to look at...”

Author: USA Really