“Better Dead Than a Dem”: Crazy Election Story From Nevada
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“Better Dead Than a Dem”: Crazy Election Story From Nevada


CARSON CITY – November 7, 2018

Once you get to Nevada, everything becomes possible: It’s the land of casinos and easy money, where one can either get rich in an hour or simply lose everything; you can get married and get divorced in fifteen minutes blinded by the lights of the Bellagio; thus, it shouldn’t surprise you that the craziest midterm election story of this year comes from the Battle Born State.

Dennis Hof was famous for being a brothel owner, entrepreneur, and restaurateur, to some extent a politician, and, of course, a star of the HBO series Cathouse

The best illustration of what his life was all about comes from the title of the autobiography he wrote back in 2015 – The Art of Pimp. He was a true Nevada man, living at full speed without any moral brakes or restrictions. He was the image of a local inhabitant.

Hof knew how to threaten those challenging the comfort of his lifestyle: Almost 20 years ago, back in 1999, Lyon County Sheriff's Deputy Brian Putzer filed a police report accusing Hof of death threats.

According to the report, the threats were made when Putzer was on a routine walk-through check of one of Hof's brothels and revealed documents implying that Hof was involved in setting up sexual encounters in counties where prostitution is illegal (yes, there are counties like that in Nevada). He has also been accused of sexual misbehavior, but this is too typical in modern-day America, so we probably shouldn’t even mention it.

Aged 72, big Trump supporter Dennis Hof decided to join the electoral campaign to get elected as Representative for District 36, a rural southern territory of Nevada. His opponent was Democrat Lesia Romanov, a simple educator without such a rich background. It could have been an ordinary provincial battle for the seat … if Hof hadn’t died in his sleep October 16 just hours after his birthday party.

Since it was too late to remove him from the ballot, Mr. Hof participated in the last election of his “lifetime” yesterday And, he won! What a catastrophe for the Democrats in Nevada if even a dead Republican managed to easily beat one of their candidates!

On the other hand, this might be a typical example of a “protest vote”: “better dead than a Dem.” Anyway, this doesn’t mean anything good for local Democrats, and the ghost of Dennis Hof will stalk them for years.

Author: USA Really