New Hampshire Feminists Want Firearms, Promise to Overthrow Trump
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New Hampshire Feminists Want Firearms, Promise to Overthrow Trump

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NEW YORK – November 8, 2018

The so-called Liberty Forum, held annually in New York, gathered more than 300 guests this year, including members of the feminist organization Women's Defense League from New Hampshire. This year's main topic was the results of the midterm’s elections.

Our correspondent was in the thick of things, where he talked with the forum participants, its coordinators, businessmen and anyone not indifferent to the situation in the country.

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More than 50 activists from the feminist organization participated in the forum, welcoming the victory of the Democratic forces that took the lower House of Congress, and confirming their intention to continue the fight against President Trump as the main threat to democracy. According to them, as long as Trump is in power, women will not be able to live freely in a “historically democratic country.”

“Our goal is his overthrow… As long as there is the free power of people, we will not give up, we will continue our fight,” said the coordinator of the meeting and the Legislative Director of the Women's Defense League Susan Olsen.

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The speakers also touched on the success of the League in addressing the issue of the right to self-defense and the second amendment of the Constitution, which guarantees the right of citizens to keep and bear arms.

Among other things, there was a discussion of the current situation in the context of the protection of women's rights. It was found to be complex because “active women” can't afford to “openly and fearlessly voice an opinion while Trump and his colleague Kavanaugh are in power.”

“They are destroying us,” Olsen said at the end of her speech.

The League is a relatively new organization. It appeared in 2014, and one of its main tasks is to train women in the field of security and the use of firearms.

“We created the Women's Defense League in New Hampshire to ensure the rights and protection of women in our new community,” League President Margot Case said.

Protests against Trump have continued since his election in 2016. Every year, feminists, as well as Brooklyn’s witches, hold public “cursing” events against him and other Republicans.

The Liberty forum is being held yesterday and today in New York, bringing together representatives of various non-profit organizations to exchange ideas and share strategies on political, economic, and social aspects.

Author: USA Really