Anthony Cruz: “We Haven’t Lost Anything, We Have Our President, and We Support Him…”
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Anthony Cruz: “We Haven’t Lost Anything, We Have Our President, and We Support Him…”


 NEW YORK – November 8, 2018

On the eve of Tuesday, November 6, midterm elections to the US Congress were held in all of the United States.  According to official data, more than 100 million people took part in the vote, which exceeded the voter turnout in 2014 by one and a half time.

And now, when the votes are counted, when the Republicans lost the majority of votes in the lower house of Congress, but retained the seats in the Senate, many again and again wonder what happened and why the Democrats were in fact in the lead.

USA Really

The USA Really correspondent also took part in the elections, visiting three polling stations in New York.  On the spot, we managed to uncover the most vulnerable and sore spots of the US political system, as well as identified violations that occurred right on the day of the vote.

Today, a day after the election, the situation in the state remained calm, but the Republicans again found themselves wondering how to regain power during the next election.

Anthony Cruz, Communications Director for the Republican candidate Don Donovan in New York, in an interview to USA Really, shared his impressions of the elections and spoke about the plans of the Republicans for the next few years.

 “We should not despair.  When I worked with Rubio (note: US Senator Marco Rubio from Florida), we suffered victories and defeats, but went further and won…”, Cruz said during a telephone conversation.  “Although I actually (laughed) a little pity that nothing happened.  After all, you’ve also helped us.  Thanks you".

USA Really

It is worth noting that during the two days before the elections, USA Really correspondent actually worked alongside volunteers from the Republican headquarters and went around certain areas of Brooklyn with a reminder of the elections.

"In fact, we have not lost anything, we have our President, and we support him, so we have nothing to be upset about," continued Cruz.  When asked what should the country expect in the coming years, Cruz answered that he hoped to “strengthen the Republican positions in the first place,” and is fully determined to continue working with the “excellent boss” represented by Donovan.

USA Really

“I was invited to work for him in the summer, and I came.  I worked for a long time with Rubio, then I left for Washington, and then they called me here, where I hope for a long work…”Cruz said. “I believe in the integrity of the elections, and that we will always be in the lead, despite the small defeats.

Anthony Cruz, a young man who has always considered politics a priority.

He graduated high school at Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy, he interned for U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel and then mayor Michael Bloomberg -- all while he led the Model United Nations team and was editor-in-chief of RKA’s school newspaper. After he graduated in 2011 -- and the University of Pennsylvania after that -- Cruz took a job as deputy press secretary for U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.

“I was definitely a nerd,” said Cruz, with a laugh. “Definitely.”

This past spring, Cruz was accepted into the Wilson Center Foreign Policy Fellowship, which promotes debates about important issues with leading foreign policy practitioners.

USA Really

Then he was offered a job at the headquarters of the Republican representative Dan Donovan.

Elections in the United States today is always a sharp and important political aspect, which is necessary for both the Senate and the House of Representatives. It's clear there is a fierce struggle for a place under the sun.

The situation with the current elections was predictable and understandable, despite the subsequent negative speeches by certain authorities.

It’s clear the situation is unlikely to remain critical when in fact nothing has changed, we see a clear distinction between the two ruling parties and see the inability of others, younger and more active, to do anything against this background. This is the whole point of US policy, it is not honest, it is not free and it is constrained.

USA Really

USA Really correspondent previously spoke about the problems that occurred during the elections in New York. Another USA Really reporter working in Washington also visited the polling stations and identified the most critical parties for the state.

Author: USA Really