America’s Arms Giants Refuse Any Accountability
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Photo: Jonathan Ernst

America’s Arms Giants Refuse Any Accountability


We live in an age where accountability at the highest levels has evaporated. If Washington was a “swamp” when Donald Trump was elected, then it’s only become even viler in the months since he became our president. At the top of the long list of “smelly” situations, America’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia just stink. Nowhere is the stench more putrid than out of the foul gaping mouth of the world’s biggest weapons manufacturer, Lockheed Martin.

This past week Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson broke a weeks-long silence before investors to finally explain her company’s position on the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Turkey. And her explanation of Lockheed’s continued sales of bombs, jets, and various advanced weapons to the Saudis was to defer to the U.S. government where morality on evil regimes is concerned. Short version, Lockheed Martin will arm the armies of Satan if there’s money in it. As for the Trump administration’s position, the president says he’s continuing sales to the Saudis to protect U.S. jobs. So, I guess this makes every American working for Lockheed Martin an accessory before the fact every time a child in Yemen is blown to bits by our bombs.

To make matters even worse, the Trump administration and the Republican Party are wringing every last drop of political juice they can get out of Lockheed Martin profits and job creation. This Orlando Business Journal story gives an assist to Trump and the Republicans in the upcoming Florida races by broadcasting “Lockheed Martin sees gain in every sector for Q3; its Orlando units in hiring frenzy.” Yes, the business of killing is just that blatant and out in the open these days. The message is clear, “Vote Republican” and they’ll bomb the hell out of anybody to see your wages are paid in Florida. Unbelievable, this is the only word to describe the blatant arrogance of these psychopaths.

Just to bring “Big Brother” out into the open a bit here, the Orlando Business Journal is It is part of the American City Business Journals chain, which owned by Advance Publications. It’s no secret that without this media empire’s now deceased boss, S.I. Newhouse Jr. that Donald Trump would never have made it to the White House. Not too many people remember that it was the May 1984 GQ cover story that featured the brash New York City real estate developer before a national audience.

Meanwhile, a handful of idealistic leaders like Tesla legend Elon Musk are shunning the Saudis over growing evidence of the Middle Eastern nation’s cruelty and criminality. When asked if he's taking Saudi investment recently, Musk told reporters “probably not,” which is amazing in today’s dog-eat-dog investor climate. But Musk and that handful cannot outweigh the skullduggery and self-centeredness of the majority of leaders. When Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said Friday that Saudi Arabia should get a pass for murdering US-based journalist Jamal Khashoggi on account of the kingdom’s backing of the Jewish state against Iran, he emblemized today’s immorality. A story from The Independent in Britain brings the truth home with this:

“Why is Britain still selling arms to Saudi Arabia? The cruel absurdity of what is happening is highlighted in the latest news from Yemen. For arms that have been by supplied by one of its Western allies are now being used by Saudi Arabia to destroy aid projects funded by Britain. Oxfam reports that a cholera treatment center and a water plant have been hit by air strikes from the Saudi-led coalition. The circle of destruction has itself come full circle.”

Indeed, why too is America selling arms to a nation that is committing genocide on its neighbor? Why are Americans silent over U.S. companies supplying the rain for a kind of terror the makes 9/11 look like a traffic accident? How can we stand idly by as Washington creates policies that are more business than governing for the long-term good of the people? Are we this medicated and this complacent? The proxy wars big money is waging these days dwarfs Vietnam and Korea in the far-reaching impacts. Generations of foreign peoples will now harbor hatred for America, and Lockheed Martin blames the swamp that the company lobbies to. The utter hypocrisy of these people should spur Supreme Court rulings to the make such arrogance of leadership punishable by exile or death.

The scale of the pitiless devastation being leveled on our brothers and sisters is beyond the level of understanding. Yemen has 7 million kids in danger of starving now. Syria has been devastated by a proxy war to cut off Russia and Iran from supplying energy to Europe. Europe is stymied under the weight of millions of refugees. In America, our president claims only a couple of hundred thousand people are living in real poverty. Big oil has a blank check to suck every resource it can out of our land. Climate change, while inevitable, is a joke for the ruling class Trump works for. The madness goes on, and on, and on. The death of Amal Hussain, who died at age 7 in Yemen broke the hearts of millions when she finally succumbed to malnourishment, but still, the thousands of New York Times readers who saw those devastating images of her did not drag congressmen into the streets of Washington. My question for all the world’s citizens is, “What will it take?”

Finally, Barrons and other financial press are already stoking the fires of Lockheed Martin’s military hardware forges for yet another juicy deal. Using a Chinese Mach 6 capable hypersonic missile dubbed Starry Sky-2 as a springboard, the investment community is having a field day bouncing stocks up and down with Trump helping on Twitter. Every time the U.S. president challenges Putin or any perceived threat, Lockheed Martin or Boeing stocks rise or fall depending on who’s bet on what and when. Yes, I am insinuating the President of the United States is playing the ultimate insider trader. What else would a real estate and construction magnate do with a presidency? This CNN report on Trump costing markets trillions is evidence of my contentions. The story tells of Trump trade deals and announcements creating massive volatility in the markets, but the hundreds of millions being lost by some investors is clearly going somewhere. My guess is to a few key investors betting wins and shortfalls based on Tweets and bombastic jabs at the Europeans. This is all fuel for another story, of course. Today’s report about Lockheed Martin is intended to raise the ire of readers still in touch with morality. I hope it’s been effective.

Author: Winston Smith