Liberty Forum Participants Criticize Midterm Elections
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Liberty Forum Participants Criticize Midterm Elections

USA Really

NEW YORK – November 8, 2018

The so-called Liberty Forum, held annually in New York, gathered more than 300 guests this year. The main topic was the recent US Congressional elections. A USA Really correspondent was in the thick of things, speaking with the forum participants, facilitators, businessmen, and ordinary people not indifferent to the situation in the country.

“You are here for the first time? We're glad, you know, the forum has been held for so many years and gains many guests. I am grateful to the Atlas Network for our joint work on the forum and in the reform of the criminal justice system in Ohio,” said Robert Alt, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Buckeye Institute, an independent analytical center for a public policy free market with the mission of organizing to “promote the public policy of the free market in the States.”

“We are not left and not right, we are free, as everyone on this forum.” Alt declined to comment on the elections, but has mentioned them in his report, in front of guests. “They were not free, and it is not our principle,” he said.

USA Really

In turn, a representative of the Atlas Network, a nonprofit organization trying to promote the economic policies of the free market, on the contrary, openly declared that the “USA is a free country.”

“You saw it, you know. The country is truly divided into two ruling structures, and then they tear it and divide. Do we work for that? We seek freedom and fair elections... I've been working at the forum since 2009 and I see no change in the policy of the state,” said CEO Brad Lips.

“Although I have a business, I live well, you know, but I don't want to live with someone who can help neither business nor people,” Lips said, adding that he won’t vote until the country and its policies change, urged the forum to be an opportunity for the system to change.

“Hopeless unfunded pension liabilities have become the Application A for the manifestation of the irresponsibility of public institutions and officials,” he said, “The Commonwealth Foundation has repeatedly acted in the framework of this assistance. They outlined a responsible exit from the real crisis.”

It is worth noting that none of the participants dared to give exact names or talk about violations in the elections or in the public system as a whole. All of this was just about loud statements that essentially meant nothing. We understand that people are okay with living in a country that they can love or not, but society will not be able to do anything, except, once again, condemn and continue its work.

USA Really

The issue of the further development of the state was also considered, but according to many experts in this field, priority is given to simplicity and the accessibility of the city.

In this regard, Gerry Ohrstrom, a private investor and the owner of companies such as the Fund of Intelligence, Santa Fe Institute, and Research Center on Issues of Ownership and the Environment, said that the US needs to completely change its concept of the urban system that “cities have become convenient for all residents and guests.”

“I was born and raised here, my children were born here, I love this city (New York), but I think we need more space, amenities and roads,” said Ohrstrom. It is unclear why he chose these three components, when New York is full of other problems, such as the transport system as a whole, and the huge presence of the homeless, filth, and crime.

Orstom presented a few slides where New York was presented in nice bright colors with lots of greenery and happy faces. Any particular concept of the transition to such a future, unfortunately, was not made public.

The Liberty Forum was held yesterday and today in New York, bringing together representatives from various non-profit organizations to exchange ideas and share strategies in terms of political, economic, and social aspects.

Author: USA Really