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Immigrant Woes, and How a Democrat Lost to a Dead Guy
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Immigrant Woes, and How a Democrat Lost to a Dead Guy


Welcome everyone to our USA Really daily podcast for November 8. Again, of course, we’re going to be heavy on the election stuff, but there is a good bit of non-election day. Either way, put your politicking hat on and get ready to dive in!

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But let’s kick things off with our opinion piece for the day. The piece is entitled, “Bashing Immigrants: Trump’s Scapegoat or Red Herring?” by Jeffrey Silverman. America always needs its latest distraction. The economy is good now, so its on to immigrants! “It is not about right or wrong. When times are tough it is often the immigrants who are first to go, and under the most flimsy of excuses,” Silverman writes. He also writes, “The Republican Party’s wide embrace of white nationalist rhetoric on immigration feeds the core of the party, hyping up the language of “invasion,” of infectious diseases, of the need for violent retribution — has clearly emboldened white supremacists and other xenophobes.” Now, there, I have to disagree with him for sure. The Republicans are not white nationalists and don’t use such language. That’s an incredibly serious misreading. But that’s my take on it. Check out this piece tomorrow and see what your take on it will be.

And we have a second opinion piece for you today. It’s part two of Seraphim Hanisch’s piece “America at the Midterms.” As we said when we discussed part one, Hanisch was in America, in PA and Florida to be exact, before and during the election, and he took the time to speak with normal, everyday people to get their feelings on what’s going on in America. He found that many people are actually not interested in having a political debate, which could be due to what he found in Part 1—exhaustion from all this election stuff. There’s one great line I want to highlight from one guy he spoke with: “I don't think it's so bad to have Congress split. It makes it harder for dumb things to get approved.” I really like that, and it’s hard to disagree with. Anyways, check out this piece to see who else Hanisch was able to speak with and what their feelings are on all this Republican vs. Democrat stuff.

Next up is our “This Day in History” piece. In 1861 there was the Trent Affair, which went down in the first year of the Civil War and almost led to another war between the US and UK! Seems the US Navy captured some Confederates from a British ship, and the Brits weren’t feeling that. Check out the piece to find out the resolution. The New Orleans General Strike of 1892 marked one of the first times black and white workers, despite all the racial tensions of the time, gathered together to stand for their rights and for the improvement of working conditions. It involved 46 unions—that’s a whopper of a strike! And then there’s 1994’s Republic Revolution when the Repubs won a great victory in the midterms behind the leadership of Newt Gingrich. They got control of both Houses of Congress. Anyways, check out the piece for all the details on those stories!

Our first election piece is a real doozy. It actually makes me giggle just a bit. Or a lot. In Nevada, a dead guy beat a Democrat! Hahahaha, what does that tell you about the Dems, or at least this particular one? So hilarious. The dead Republican, Dennis Hof was famous for being a brothel owner, entrepreneur, and restaurateur, to some extent a politician, and, of course, a star of the HBO series Cathouse. So, it doesn’t sound like he was the best guy around either. But here’s the thing—he croaked on October 16 just after his birthday party. However, according to Nevada law, his name remained on the ballot, and, well, he still whooped Lesia Romanov. “Better the dead than a Dem.”

Next up, we’ve got some good news for San Francisco homeless. I like it right from the start—I spent a week one year during spring break helping out at a homeless shelter there in San Fran—the Raphael House—and then some of the others on that same trip wound up working there long-term. It was a wonderful place with a long history. Anyways, A new plan, known as Prop C, that passed with 60% of votes will raise an additional $250-300 million in corporate taxes annually—the largest tax increase in city history—for a fund dedicated to solving the homeless crisis in San Fran. Well, I’m generally not for bigger taxes, so now I’m conflicted. Obviously, something has to be done about the homeless. Of course, businesses are flipping out about it…

Next up: “Chicago Psychiatric Hospital Under Investigation for Sexual Abuse, Assault on Children.” I wish I could say it’s just one instance or something, but DANG, this hospital sounds MESSED UP. The hospital risks losing its funding by the end of November or even being closed if it doesn’t tackle numerous deficiencies within its walls—safety concerns and alleged sexual assaults. Here’s just a few of the claims: A 7-year-old girl said a 12-year-old boy pulled down her pants and sexually assaulted her with a finger. At the time of the Sept. 10 incident, the girl had been hospitalized for more than two months for homicidal and suicidal behaviors. The boy, who had a history of sexual aggression, had been hospitalized for nearly three months. Two females accused a male staff member of touching them inappropriately. She said the worker kissed her and sexually assaulted her with his finger in early September. The other girl, who is 12, told a counselor the man touched her breast in late August. DCFS and Chicago police are still investigating. In April, a 15-year-old patient complained the same worker made her feel uncomfortable after he made sexually suggestive comments, including that he wanted to be her roommate. The child welfare agency determined her complaint was unfounded. The mother of an 8-year-old boy called the hotline Sept. 9 alleging her son was battered by peers, touched sexually and exposed to two masturbating roommates during the five days he was hospitalized. Lord, I hope they get this mess cleaned up somehow!

In another sad story, there’re at least 11 wounded, including one Deputy, from a Thousand Oaks, CA bar shooting. The shooting happened late on Wednesday night, with about 30 shots being fired off at people fleeing from various directions. Police were apparently advised that the suspect was a Middle Eastern man in his early 20s. An eyewitness said the gunman had a beard, wore a hat, had a black jacket, and may have had glasses. Witnesses describing the moment the gunman opened fire said he shot a security guard standing at the door before entering the building and throwing “smoke grenades all over the place.” A female cashier was said to be among the injured after the man started firing. Authorities have yet to confirm any deaths and the extent of the victims' injuries has not yet been released. The FBI and the bomb squad were called in too. CRAZY STUFF.

And, so there’s this Liberty Forum held in New York every year, and this year, a bunch of people from a New Hampshire feminist group came out for the forum. They came to declare how happy they are that Democrats took the House and that they will continue to fight against Trump because “as long as Trump is in power, women will not be able to live freely in a “historically democratic country.” In fact, they aim precisely at his overthrow. They also said they’re for women bearing arms for their protection, and hey, I can’t see anything wrong with that.

Next up, Anthony Cruz, Communications Director for the Republican candidate Don Donovan in New York, in an interview to USA Really, shared his impressions of the elections and spoke about the plans of the Republicans for the next few years. “We should not despair.  When I worked with Rubio (note: US Senator Marco Rubio from Florida), we suffered victories and defeats, but went further and won…”, Cruz said. "In fact, we have not lost anything, we have our President, and we support him, so we have nothing to be upset about," continued Cruz. I’m not sure everyone can be as positive as Cruz, but I like his attitude!

And get this—the Girl Scouts are suing the Boy Scouts! The Boy Scouts were pressured by liberals to include girls, so they’re changing their name to reflect that, but now the Girl Scouts are ticked, claiming the Boy Scouts will steal girls from the Girl Scouts! What a sordid affair, check out this piece for all that fun.

And what did Trump get into in the 24 hours after the elections? Well, he made some threats, he ignored some laws, he fired some people, he refused to answer some question—very Trumpy things to do! Check out our piece on that to find out all the nitty gritty!

And for our last news article, there’s another on the Liberty Forum. It sounds like the Forum was kind of a lively event, but maybe not the most productive. Some people insisted that the US and its elections are not free, while others insisted the country is free. Some insisted the country is divided, and others that they won’t vote until something changes in the country. “All of this was just about loud statements that essentially meant nothing. We understand that people are okay with living in a country that they can love or not, but society will not be able to do anything, except, once again, condemn and continue its work,” our correspondent at the event writes.

That wraps things up for the news, so let’s take a sneak peek at tomorrow’s opinion piece and hit the road! The piece, by Winston Smith, is entitled “America’s Arms Giants Refuse Any Accountability.” It starts off with a strong anti-Trump punch, which we’ll quote here to whet your appetite: “We live in an age where accountability at the highest levels has evaporated. If Washington was a “swamp” when Donald Trump was elected, then it’s only become even viler in the months since he became our president. At the top of the long list of “smelly” situations, America’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia just stink. Nowhere is the stench more putrid than out of the foul gaping mouth of the world’s biggest weapons manufacturer, Lockheed Martin.” Going after the big boys. Nice! Be sure to check out this piece tomorrow to see where Smith is going to take you in this very interesting piece.

And with that we bid you goodnight. Thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


Author: USA Really