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November 9th: The Great Boston Fire, Donald Trump Is Declared a Winner of Presidential Race and Other Events of the Date
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November 9th: The Great Boston Fire, Donald Trump Is Declared a Winner of Presidential Race and Other Events of the Date


A number of important events have taken place on November 9th in U.S. history. Here is our take on the most interesting and valuable of them.

1780 – American Revolutionary War: The Battle of Fishdam Ford

During this battle (that took place in the late period of the American Revolutionary War) the Brits made an attempt to defeat the Americans in a surprise attack near the modern day town of Carlisle, South Carolina. They were commanded by Major James Wemyss, and against them were a camp of Patriot militia under the command of local Brigadier General Thomas Sumter.

Everything happened at around 1 a.m. on November 9, 1780, as the Brits ran into the attack, but eventually failed. Their commander, Wemyss, was wounded and later captured in the course of the battle, since the security of Sumter’s camp was good enough to repel this attack. Many historians have come to the agreement that Wemyss also failed, because he didn’t wait until dawn to start the attack.

Another reason was that there were only about 250 soldiers from the attacking side, and no less than 525 – on the defending, so the British defeat was really humiliating as they lost about 20 men killed and many more captured.

1872 – The Great Boston Fire

One of the most costly fires in the U.S. history started at around 7:20 p.m. in the basement of a commercial warehouse at Summer Street in Boston, Massachusetts. The fire was really strong, demolishing no less than 776 buildings in Boston’s downtown, many of which were located in the financial district. Such a nightmare caused about $ 73.5 million dollars in damage. Converting it to the modern exchange rates – this is over $1 billion dollars!

It was a good thing that despite such devastation, most of the Boston inhabitants managed to escape the fire, and the overall number of people killed by it never exceeded 13, including 2 firemen, yet, no less than 100,000 locals were bystanders watching the financial district of their hometown dies in a fire.

Among the notable buildings destroyed by fire were the newspapers The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald, a jewelry store Shreve, Crump & Low, which was relocated from its original workshop to 225 Washington Street after the fire, as well as the building were Carter's Ink Company was.

2016 – Donald Trump is declared the winner of the Presidential campaign

This is something Democrats still can’t accept, but already – this is a part of American history. Exactly two years ago Donald Trump was declared the winner of the Presidential campaign, beating his main opponent, Hillary Clinton.

That Presidential election was expected to be quite boring, as the vast majority of social polls gave Hillary a victory with a huge margin, yet, it never happened, as Trump managed to gain electoral votes in a number of important swing-states, such as Florida, and defeated his opponent in some traditional Democratic strongholds, such as Pennsylvania, leaving the Democratic Party in a complete state of shock.

And even despite losing the popular vote by almost 3 million, Trump managed to win the Electoral College Vote with a remarkable result of 304 against 227. What happened after that, and who was blamed for it – is a completely different story.

These are the most notable events in U.S. history that occurred on November 9th, at least in our view.

Author: USA Really