Trump Administration Moves to Curb Migrants' Asylum Claims
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Trump Administration Moves to Curb Migrants' Asylum Claims


WASHINGTON, DC – November 9, 2018

Donald Trump’s administration has announced it will deny asylum to migrants caught crossing the Mexican border illegally.

The migrants will only be eligible for asylum if they came through official ports of entry.

Immigrant advocates denounced the move, saying it violated existing US law that allows people fleeing persecution and violence in their home countries to apply for asylum regardless of whether they enter illegally or not.

A senior administration official said the restriction on asylum claims will seek to address the “historically unparalleled abuse of our immigration system.”

The official said: “What we are attempting to do is trying to funnel asylum claims through the ports of entry where we are better resourced, have better capabilities and better manpower and staffing to actually handle those claims in an expeditious and efficient manner.”

The regulation would largely affect migrants from the Northern Triangle — Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador — who have been crossing the US border with Mexico.

Scores of Central American migrants sleep in front of the office of the United Nation’s human rights body in Mexico City.

Author: USA Really