Action of Protest in NYC
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Action of Protest in NYC

USA Really

NEW YORK — November 9

Protests in support of Special Prosecutor Robert Muller were held in New York and many other cities by representatives of left-wing and other organizations. The protesters once again showed their power and desire to change the current governmental system, as a USA Really correspondent reports from New York.

Left-wing protesters and “democratic forces” have promised to continue the wave of protests until Trump and his supporters leave office, and the impetus for these actions was President Trump’s decision to dismiss Prosecutor General Jeff Sessions.

Among the main protest slogans were “Hands off Muller,” “Humpty Trumpty on the top of his wall — Humpty Trumpty will have a great fall,” “Say No to the Fascists in the White House,” “Trump go away,” “Say yes to a fair trial,” and even “Yes to Revolution.”


Author: USA Really