72% of US Jews Say Trump Responsible for Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre
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72% of US Jews Say Trump Responsible for Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre


WASHINGTON, DC – November 9, 2018

President Trump's attempts to win over American Jews, who traditionally support the Democratic Party, apparently failed. A survey conducted by the liberal American Jewish organization J-Street is a good demonstration of this thesis.

According to a survey published Wednesday, a significant number of US Jews oppose both the domestic and foreign policy of Donald Trump, including in relation to Israel. The survey, which was attended by 1,100 respondents, shows that the US Jewish community not only opposes Trump's positions on issues such as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the Iranian Nuclear Treaty, but also accuses the current President of the growth of anti-Semitic incidents in America, including the massacre at the Pittsburgh synagogue.

According to the survey, 72% of American Jews believe that Trump's statements and policies are one of the main causes of the tragedy in Pittsburgh. 78% of respondents believe that anti-Semitism in the US is on the rise. After Trump came to power, 79% of American Jews are concerned about the growth of right-wing extremism, 81% are concerned about anti-Semitism, and 79% are concerned about the growth of racist sentiment.

As for the administration’s foreign policy, 75% of American Jews believe that their country is obliged to deal more effectively with the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. 50% support active American intervention in this issue — even if it is necessary to put pressure on Israel. 78% of American Jews support the idea of two states within the 1967 borders, with some changes, under which the Jewish areas of Jerusalem and the Western Wall would be under Israeli sovereignty and the Arab quarters under Palestinian sovereignty. 27% of respondents believe that Israel should stop all construction in settlements, and 49% believe that Israel should stop building outside settlement enclaves.

It is also interesting that 71% of US Jews support the Iran Nuclear Agreement, while 67% oppose Trump’s decision to get out of it.

Author: USA Really