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Chant It With Me Now: “Justice for All, Justice for All, Trump is Not Above the Law!”
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Chant It With Me Now: “Justice for All, Justice for All, Trump is Not Above the Law!”


Welcome everyone to our USA Really daily podcast for November 9. Hope the month is rolling along nicely for you. We’re still not freezing here in ol’ Moscow, thank God. How’s it out there for all of you? Well, you know, keep it right here for all the hot and tingly news you need to keep you warm!

And for our usual listeners, well, you know we have some important announcements for you, so here we go.

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And if you’re looking for more ways to make big stacks of cash, just tell us if you have any information on illegal actions from the US government that impose censorship on the internet, particularly social networks? We’re offering a $5,000 reward if you can send us proof of these illegal actions! Find out more at the page “Zuckerberg Wanted.”

And let’s get this ball of wax rollin’ with a look at our opinion piece. The piece, by Winston Smith, is entitled “America’s Arms Giants Refuse Any Accountability.” It starts off with a strong anti-Trump punch, which we’ll quote here to whet your appetite: “We live in an age where accountability at the highest levels has evaporated. If Washington was a “swamp” when Donald Trump was elected, then it’s only become even viler in the months since he became our president. At the top of the long list of “smelly” situations, America’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia just stink. Nowhere is the stench more putrid than out of the foul gaping mouth of the world’s biggest weapons manufacturer, Lockheed Martin.” Going after the big boys. Nice! He finishes the piece: “Today’s report about Lockheed Martin is intended to raise the ire of readers still in touch with morality. I hope it’s been effective.” Be sure to check out this piece today to see if Smith’s look at Lockheed Martin has you morally outraged, or if you’re just an indifferent louse!

And you know the drill—next we’re heading into our “This Day in History” piece to keep you informed on all you need to know about the glorious and not so-glorious past of this nation of ours! The Battle of Fishdam Ford in the Revolutionary War took place this day in 1780, and good news for us—it was an embarrassing defeat for the Brits! Then in 1872, there was the Great Boston Fire that caused more than $1 billion in damage in modern terms. That’s a buttload! Thankfully, only 13 people, including two firemen died. I mean, of course, it’s awful that anyone died, but with $1 billion of damage you’d expect a lot more. Then, on this day just two years ago, Donald Trump was declared the winner of the presidential race, and the heads of liberals everywhere exploded! Some of those compilation videos on YouTube of people being SO SURE Trump would lose are pretty hilarious now. And have you seen the video of the Young Turks live covering Election Day? HILARIOUS. And ol’ Hillary is still out there fighting the results. Anyways, check out this piece for all the details on these events.

The next one’s got a real feel-good title: “The State of American Debt Slaves.” In August, the US collected only $219 billion in tax revenues — 3.2% less than last year, with total spending of $433.3 billion. This is not only a third more than in the same period last year, but also a record monthly government spending. As a result, the budget deficit in August was $214 billion — an absolute record for August and one of the highest in history. For comparison, last year, the figure was only $108 billion. But it is a public debt. And what happens to citizens’ consumer debts? Good question, heyna? Well, if you want more on that and all the sweet sweet statistics, then check out the full piece.

And are you tired of the midterms? Do you just not care about them, cause they’re not important? Well you’re WRONG! Next up: “The Day of Judgment, Or Why Midterm Elections Are So Important.” It is important that Trump, a representative of the capitalist project, managed to become the US President. This suggests that the elite of the "Global Western" project’s attempt to take full control of the state and political institutions of the United States failed. Sanders didn't manage to break through the filters of the office of the Democratic Party which is controlled by financiers, but the Republican party appeared to be more resistant. And, as a result, a desperate war began in the United States, at the elite level for a while. Yesterday was a key battle in which none of the parties achieved what they wanted. Speaking in military terms, the battlefield remained for Trump, but his opponents were able to maintain enough strength to organize a tough resistance. In any case, today begins a new era, which can seriously expand the entire basic ideological component within which humanity has developed in recent decades. And it is possible that as the result of these elections liberal misanthropic concepts will gradually enter the dustbin of history.

The next one really irritates me—unhinged pathetic baby liberals have taken to threatening Tucker Carlson from Fox News. They gathered outside his home while he was at work, slamming the door—even cracking it, vandalizing his driveway, and chanting about how they know where he sleeps and telling him to get out because he’s supposedly “racist.” Tucker’s wife was home and was very scared and had to hide in the pantry. These people have no sense of decency, no morals. I like Tucker. I don’t always agree with him, and sometimes I think he’s missing his guest’s point, but overall, I think he tries hard to be fair and reasonable. And he’s certainly not a racist. If someone calls you a racist in 2018, that’s a sure sign that they simply have nothing to say and are therefore merely reduced to uttering grunts and chants.

And have you heard? Paradise is on Fire. Noooo not THAT Paradise. The Garden of Eden is incorruptible! No fire can destroy it, so don’t worry kids, but Paradise, CA is, on the other hand, quite corruptible. A fast-moving wildfire fueled by strong winds raced across communities in the Sierra foothills in Northern California on Thursday, devastating the city of Paradise and sending thousands of residents fleeing for their lives in a chaotic mass evacuation, authorities said. 150-foot flames ripped through residential areas and flames leapt from Paradise hospitals and schools, about 85 miles north of Sacramento. "Pretty much the community of Paradise is destroyed — it's that kind of devastation," Capt. Scott McLean, a spokesman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, said. And a nearby town, Chico, where 93,000 people live, is in danger too. Crazy winds are pushing the fire fast. Let’s prayer for everyone involved!

Protests in support of Special Prosecutor Robert Muller were held in New York and many other cities by representatives of left-wing and other organizations. The protesters once again showed their power and desire to change the current governmental system, as a USA Really correspondent reports from New York. Left-wing protesters and “democratic forces” have promised to continue the wave of protests until Trump and his supporters leave office, and the impetus for these actions was President Trump’s decision to dismiss Prosecutor General Jeff Sessions. Among the main protest slogans were “Hands off Muller,” “Humpty Trumpty on the top of his wall — Humpty Trumpty will have a great fall,” “Say No to the Fascists in the White House,” “Trump go away,” “Say yes to a fair trial,” and even “Yes to Revolution.” We’ve got a nice photo report on these actions, so be sure to give it a gander!

Actually, in another piece, we’ve got an exclusive video for you from the scene of the protest in NYC. That’s a can’t miss!

And as we said, this is happening in more places than just New York. Luis Lazaro Tijerina has a report for you from a protest he stumbled upon in Burlington, VT where the people were marching and chanting and holding signs about how Trump isn’t above the law, justice for all, protect the Russiagate investigation, etc. It’s a real slice of American life in 2018 that he stumbled upon, so definitely check it out!

And in more migration news, Trump is now moving to curb their asylum claims. The migrants will only be eligible for asylum if they came through official ports of entry, but immigrant advocates denounced the move, saying it violated existing US law that allows people fleeing persecution and violence in their home countries to apply for asylum regardless of whether they enter illegally or not. A senior administration official said the restriction on asylum claims will seek to address the “historically unparalleled abuse of our immigration system.” The official said: “What we are attempting to do is trying to funnel asylum claims through the ports of entry where we are better resourced, have better capabilities and better manpower and staffing to actually handle those claims in an expeditious and efficient manner.” As always, this topic is one that’s sure to arouse some passions. Check out this piece, and try to conquer yourself!

And that’ll do it for us for the night. If you find yourself in the midst of any protests, keep safe! And keep it right here for all the news you need to know!


Author: USA Really