Head of USA Really detained by FBI at Washington DC Airport
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Head of USA Really detained by FBI at Washington DC Airport


WASHINGTON – November 11, 2018

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents (no less than 19 of them!) have detained the head of the USA Really project Alexander Malkevich in Washington’s Dulles Airport, to ask him some questions as the “witch hunt” rolls on along in the States.

Brainwashed by mainstream media propaganda, the agents sought to find out how Mr. Malkevich was connected to the Federal News Agency of Russia, so they illegally interrogated him for some time, asking provocative questions and trying to fit his answers into “their own agenda.”

As Alexander Malkevich himself has said, the interrogation was divided into two parts: “a serious one” and “a ridiculous one.” During the first part of this initiated attack on the freedom of speech, the agents asked Malkevich questions regarding the very popular nonsense about “the Russian interference in the U.S. election,” and they did their best to blame the USA Really head for all the Democratic electoral sins and drawbacks.

“I believe that USA Really has been successful as a project, as during the first part of the interrogation I was asked questions, like: “Who are you, guys?” and “Why are you undermining the foundations of American democracy?” Malkevich said.  “The whole first set of questions was devoted to “Why did the USA Really News Agency even come to American, since it had been good “for us without you?”

The second part was even funnier, as the agents asked Malkevich whether he was trained by Russian Special Forces, as if he was a character in some James Bond movie. And, of course, the FBI scanned all of Malkevich’s items, including his electronic devices.

Head of USA Really detained by FBI in the Washington

Well, something we can learn from this story, apart from the mere fact that this was a definite attack on the freedom of speech and a harsh violation of the First Amendment, since Malkevich was in the States covering the midterm elections, is that FBI agents really believe the propaganda. Moreover, the agents support the censorship of social networks, practiced, for example, by Facebook, as they confessed: “They’re doing the right thing, because you are Russians.”

And, this is pretty much all you have to know about the working principles of the FBI: Tomorrow they might come to your own house, asking the same questions and accusing you of a number of things you’ve never done in your life.

Author: USA Really