Another Journalist Attacked by “Activists”
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Another Journalist Attacked by “Activists”


USA – November 12, 2018

We recently reported on a crazy story that happened with journalist Tucker Carlson, who was threatened by left-wing activists gathered in protest right outside his door, and even cracked his door. Now another American journalist is under attack.

Today’s victim of this “activist” (of an as-yet unknown group) chaos is Kat Timpf, who also works at FOX News as a political pundit, like Carlson, often appearing on the Greg Gutfeld Show.

“I was just ran out of an establishment because of where I work. Chewed out, abused. But I guess that’s the norm now,” she wrote on Twitter.

This looks a lot like the worst times of racial segregation back in the 1950’s, when one could be “ran out of an establishment” on the basis of the color of one’s skin. In modern America, journalists can be discriminated against because of their views, which directly contradicts the First Amendment of the Constitution, and the foundations of American society.

People are being attacked for a range of views: Carlson for his conservative worldview, and Timpf, apparently for her “millennial” and “libertarian” views. Someone didn’t like what she has to say, so they decided to attack her.

Timpf was also attacked back in July 2017 when a man approached her at a political event in Brooklyn and dumped a bottle of water on her head.

She has received support from another victim of the new American media rules of existence and the angry groups of “social justice warriors” defending it, Megyn Kelly, as she wrote on Twitter:

“It is but it shouldn’t be. Demonization of anyone perceived as on the ‘other’ side. Usually by those who brag about how tolerant and inclusive they are. Please…”

Indeed, Mrs. Kelly. You’re exactly right. Yet, it seems like the coming times promise nothing good for journalists who have their own opinion in modern America.

Author: USA Really