Angry Liberals, Voter Fraud, and Nazi Students Galore!
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Angry Liberals, Voter Fraud, and Nazi Students Galore!


Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, we’re so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside. AKA, welcome to our USA Really daily podcast for November 13. We’re still following up on the elections for you, but we’ve also got a healthy smattering of news that will make you smack yourself and mourn the loss of sanity in America, and maybe some that will make you feel good.

First, I want to remind you about our two chances for you to win wheelbarrows full of cash—our Global Democracy Award where we’re looking for original works on the US government’s interference in other states, and our Zuckerberg Wanted action where we’re looking for solid evidence of the government enforcing illegal censorship. In both cases, you could find yourself the happy owner of several thousands of dollars, so check both of these items out!

Let’s kick things off with a look at our opinion piece for today: “How to Solve the Southern Problem in America” by Walt Garlington. It gives you an imaginary transcript between Dinesh D’Souza and Josiah Flieger on the Pilgrim’s Path radio program, covering those hot-button issues of racism and slavery and Nazis and all that. By putting the arguments of the Left into D’Souza’s mouth, making the case for the destruction of the “racist” South, you see how ridiculous the arguments are… Certainly worth a read, methinks. Check this one out today!

Let’s get the articles ball rolling with our “This Day in History” piece. On this day in 1927, the Holland Tunnel opened up. Now, all those good Jersey people can easily get to NYC. Woohoo! Two places I’m totally uninterested in can get together haha. Well, really it’s just driving in NYC that is like being in the lowest level of hell. In 1969 there was the March of Death, which was devoted to tackling the militarist policy of the state and ending the Vietnam War through a series of peaceful civil protests. At least 250,000 people showed up. That’s pretty noteworthy. Then in 1982, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial opened up, which was actually pretty controversial at the time because of the controversial nature of the war. I mean, hey, even if you think we shouldn’t have been there, we should honor those who died there. Anyone who says otherwise is braindead.

Then, we all know that Democrats, especially in Florida it seems, can be super shady around election time and when it comes to counting votes, so this next piece raised the hair on the back of my neck a bit. “Fixing polling place error flips State Rep. race in Democrat’s favor in Wisconsin.” Fixing an error, or fixing an election? Initially it looked like former State Treasurer and Republican Matt Adamczyk had won the 14th state Assembly race in Wauwatosa and Brookfield, but now it seems the race has flipped with Democrat Robyn Vining as the winner. Suddenly late Wednesday it appeared that almost 1,000 ballots were missing from the final count. On the afternoon of Nov. 7, Wauwatosa received a call from the Milwaukee County Clerk’s office that the Central Count election results for Wards 16 and 17 were missing. Mmmm HMM. Pure coincidence, pure accident I’m sure. We’ll see what happens here…

Here’s one that grinds my gears! “Another Journalist Attacked by ‘Activists’”—and this time, it’s Kat Timpf, a regular guests on the Greg Gutfeld Show on Fox. I think that show is hilarious—Greg is a funny dude, and let’s be honest—Kat is super hot. And she’s conservative, so she’s double super hot. “I was just ran out of an establishment because of where I work. Chewed out, abused. But I guess that’s the norm now,” she wrote on Twitter. This, again, is just another example of how empty the arguments on the left are. They don’t even try to argue anymore—now they just attack. And dang, Kat Timpf is so hot!

And here’s one that’s just pure stupidity: “America great again: Wisconsin high school students give Nazi salute in Junior prom photo.” Apparently a bunch of high schoolers got together for a prom photo and they all, or mostly, decided to throw up the Nazi salute. AND EVERYONE IS FLIPPING THEIR CRAP. I mean, come on, was it not the best idea for them to do this? Of course. BUT THEY’RE HIGH SCHOOLERS. High schoolers do stupid crap. Do we really think this means they’re Nazis? Lord help us if we do think that. Anyways, check out this piece for the details and all the horrified responses, and see what you think.

And a new report has revealed the best and worst cities for veterans to live in in 2018. I had no idea that such a thing existed, but seems like a great resource to me. The report is based on four main criteria – jobs, economy, quality of life, and health. And it looks like the grand prize winner is … ding ding ding! Austin, TX! So put on your cowboy boots and head on down south, veterans, if you’re looking for some good living! The next best cities are Scottsdale, Arizona; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Gilbert, Arizona. I’ll keep you in suspense about what the worst cities are. Go read the article if you want to know!

Some schools in Maryland have a new way of dealing with student disciplinary problems. What is it you say? Well, they don’t punish anymore—they send you off to do some yoga! It seems there’s this new after school program that replaces detention that has activities such as makers space, woodworking, environmental activities, team building, art & entrepreneurship, basketball, martial arts, dance, steel drums, and STEM. It seems wherever they’ve tested the program it’s actually done pretty well. As for me, most of that sounds alright—steel drums sounds especially cool—but I’m religiously against yoga, since it’s a Hindu meditation practice, and messing around with false gods is not something you want to do. Yes, even when you call it just exercise, the demons are there.

And more voting fraud down in Florida! Surprise surprise! “The gong sounded but the fight continues: The smell of vote-counting fraud in Florida.” There’re razor thin margins elsewhere, but at this point only Florida will definitely have recounts, in this case affecting two of the most closely-watched statewide races in the country. President Trump and other Republicans are crying foul and accusing Democrats of trying to "steal" the election. Given the history of voter fraud in this country and the heavily Democratic makeup of Broward and Palm Beach counties, their suspicions may be justified. This piece is pretty interesting—it gives you an overview of the history of voter fraud in America with plenty of examples. Looks like these shenanigans are nothing new. Check it out.

The next one has a title nice and pithy, short and sweet, straight to the point: “Liberal Intolerance.” I had some opinion pieces about this last month, and here’s some more dirt for you. A high-ranking Facebook executive was “forced to resign over his support for Donald Trump” after gifting $10,000 to an anti-Clinton campaign during the 2016 Presidential election. What? I mean, I’m not surprised, but hello, it’s actually illegal to fire for someone for that. Of course Facebook insists his firing was unrelated to his political views, but come on, we’re not that stupid. Zuckerberg and his buddies are just turds. No two ways about it. But, it looks like the man and his lawyer were able to negotiate a payout of at least $100 million in stock awards and bonuses he would have received until July 2019, so that’s cool.

And, unfortunately, there’s more police brutality, and unfortunately, it involves a black guy again. No, I don’t believe all the hype about cops just being racists, but tragedies DO happen. This time, a security guard at a bar in Illinois was actually holding down a suspect in a shooting there, and when the cops showed up, they saw he was armed and one of them shot the guard! People in the bar were apparently screaming out “He’s security, he’s security!” but to no avail. Jemel Roberson, 26, is dead, and may God rest his soul.

And if it’s not powerful enough, the Fed is looking for more power! Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said at a conference at New York University on Friday that the Fed needs to have expanded powers to lend to institutions that are not commercial banks, which is the only industry that the central bank can offer emergency funds to as a “lender of last resort.” It’s some complicated economy stuff that I won’t try to reproduce here, so check out the piece for the full story!  

And it looks like Connecticut had some Election Day problems too—like people waiting in line for 5 hours to register and vote. Why wasn’t there better staffing? Well, a task force has been created to study this stuff. Apparently they’ve had problems in like the last four elections, so it’s about time they get their shiz together up there.

And that wraps things up for the news, so let’s see this thing out with a look at tomorrow’s opinion piece by Seraphim Hanisch: “Midterms reveal major ideological and cultural battle lines in US.” Looking at the Democrats gains in the House, while the Republicans held onto the Senate, Hanisch writes: “This is not a blue wave, nor is it a referendum on President Trump, though the major media outlets are trying to portray it as such. What it really is, is a referendum on the success of the Mainstream news media versus the horse sense of the thinking voter. If looked at in this way, this was an enormous, and almost fatal, success for the Democrat / liberal / globalist establishment. The Democrats know this, but they have chosen to interpret their victory as license for a no-holds-barred round of new attacks against President Donald Trump and his policies.” He then takes you on a journey through several examples of the liberal media spin. It can be said that the 2018 election drew the lines very clearly. Expect the next two years’ rhetoric to be at levels that make 2016-2018 look placid.

Well chitlins, that’ll do it for us here at USA Really. Thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.

Author: USA Really