America at the Midterms – Part III
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America at the Midterms – Part III


In the first and second parts of this series on the American midterm Congressional elections, I reported on the mindsets of a number of people across the United States, most gathered in conversation that was not formalized expressively as an interview, but rather a forum to allow people asked to speak their minds freely without being confined to a specific range of answers.

We discovered a great lack of ideological thought with regards to the election, though some of the mainstream media and cultural influences were evident in some people’s responses, such as how they didn’t like President Trump because he is “nasty” in the way he says things (this said by someone who was dead-set against Hillary becoming president).

One common element was that the point of view primarily concerned local matters more than national matters.

While there were many such viewpoints expressed, there are those among the general populace in the United States that do take the long view.

“Fred Vincent” is an eighty-year old priest who in earlier life was involved in state politics in Florida.

He offered us very comprehensive view of the United States, its recent history and political leanings and pressures. We wish to recount exactly what he said. His comments are only edited for textual accuracy since freely speaking often introduces pauses. Our interviewee, “Fred Vincent” or “Fr. V” for our purposes, now speaks:

Fr. V: Because of Trump’s successful campaigning, he retained the Senate and even picked up seats. It looks like he’s got a chance – as of [Wednesday] night he was four seats ahead of the Democrats, possibly six seats ahead. He does not have undependable votes now like he had with Corker, Flake and McCain.  McCain, some of his was because of his brain tumor, but some of it was that McCain was bitter over Trump’s off-handed remark about not liking people that had been captured (a reference to McCain’s past as a POW in Viet Nam), and took his bitterness out on Trump. He was a critical vote on issues like the Medicare issue, that really messed up the chance to get some of the healthcare law’s issues fixed.

[Nancy] Pelosi does not have a significant majority, and she cannot depend on the various factions of the Democrat Party to go along with her. So, she cannot take (and does not take) a radical “screw you, Trump” position. Some of the people will not go along and vote for her, on her side.

USA Really: So, Trump’s endorsing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker is a very strategic move? That softens her up a little bit.

Fr. V: Yes, he is being political, and hopefully he is going to get some cooperation out of her. But there are all kinds of people, like the Black Caucus, that wouldn’t show up at the Inauguration, and so on, and people like Maxine Waters – a flaming disaster! If you have her in charge of the Finance Committee, because she is stupid and petty, she is going to spend all of her time persecuting banks and financial institutions, and not do anything productive in that committee. You also have the problem with this guy in New York who wants to reopen the Kavanaugh issue and impeach him, and Nancy Pelosi is smart enough to realize that that is going to sink them like a lead weight if they do that kind of stuff. But she can’t control some of the people in her own Party.

There is also that one in California that is presently the Number Two person on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (Adam Schiff), he is also a liar, a leaker, and everything else. He is totally corrupt. So, she has got some problems.

I don’t think it was an organized drive to give the Democrats the majority in the House; I think it just happened. I think some of it was just people that bought their crap about that their health insurance was going to be in danger if they didn’t vote for Democrats. I think that issue prevailed in some of those House seats.

This is a fake issue (This said by an 80-year old man with many health problems! – Ed.) because Obamacare did not work and because of the very nature of the Obamacare structure, the premiums are going up and the benefits are going down. But somehow, naïve people believe that somehow that was the fault of the Republicans, and it is not. It is the fault of the structure of Obamacare, so it is a serious problem.

The other thing that is just outrageous is how [the Democrats] are acting like these caravans are not an issue.  They are. We have got states that are breaking because of the increased cost of education, welfare, food stamps and the criminal justice system because of the immigrants that are not prepared to take their place in our society. This is not just the MS-13 types, but it is the others that are used to a more primitive type of culture in Central America, that aren’t used to all the rules in our society, that break all kinds of laws and cause problems with our criminal justice system.

So we are setting ourselves up to become a Third World republic because of the financial obligations we cannot meet. The State of California is already in deep trouble in terms of its debt and its inability to provide adequate services, and the result of this is that they are losing their tax base, because businesses and people are moving out of California to more desirable economic climates.

USA Really: I saw two things – one that happened in that press conference that we were listening to. Jim Acosta got into it with President Trump really bad; Trump told him to sit down, and Acosta was behaving like a jackass

Fr. V: He is a jackass!

…but he was more of a jackass than usual. And Mr. Trump said “Why don’t you let me run the country and you run CNN; your ratings will improve…”

Fr. V: (Laughing) That’s funny… What was Jimmy fighting about?

USA Really: It was about the way the caravan story was being characterized (as an invasion). And then he gave the microphone to the next reporter, this one from NBC News, and this reporter said he was no big fan of President Trump either, and the President returned the favor… The President said recently that he would like to be able to take a gentler tone but he doesn’t know if he can. I think that is honest.

Fr. V: Yeah, that is honest. With these people that are going to smatter him with crap no matter what he says or does, he has to take an adversarial tone in order to keep the support of the people of the country.

USA Really: Yes, he does what the Republicans of 2014 never could do. So it seems like the new people that are coming into the Senate to replace some of these wimps… It seems like poetic justice; after all, how can you get a senator named (Jeff) Flake that acts like one? That is just too convenient.

Fr. V: Yes, he has got one troubling figure left – Ben Sasse from Nebraska. And sometimes, Ben is right on, like what he said in the hearings, but you cannot trust where he is coming from.

USA Really: What do you think about the border wall?

Fr. V: Well, I hear the idiots say, “a wall doesn’t do any good.” And it’s like, “are you stupid?” There is a wall in Gaza and it works. There was a wall - the Iron Curtain - between Communist Eastern Europe and Western Europe, and it worked. So the idea that a wall won’t work is just total nonsense. We do have to seal our porous border because of incoming drugs and guns, but we also have to close it simply because the people coming are an increasingly difficult financial burden.

Presently, ten percent of the US population is comprised of illegal aliens. The legitimate taxpaying citizens cannot handle that financial burden; we cannot absorb it. Too many of them are on welfare, food stamps, and liberal jurisdictions are giving them a free education and so on, and there is a huge social impact.

It is like what is happening in Colorado with the legalization of marijuana, a huge social impact, and the revenue from the taxation on marijuana is only about one-third of the cost to the Coloradan society.

At some point you have to make a decision about what you can afford. As long as we don’t, we inch our way to becoming like Venezuela – where there is no bread, there are no Band-Aids, there is no basic food and the inflation is horrible.  That is one of the things we are risking at this point, and it is too late once it happens, so we have to stop it earlier while we still can.

Further, we have naïve people not only among the voting population; we have such naïve people in Congress that say, “Oh, these are just poor people wanting a better life…”

Well, that doesn’t explain the nature of the caravans. That is an ideological recasting of the caravans that is simply not true. And we have leaders in Congress that say stupid things like this.

What about the fact that we have had generations now that have been through college and high school that had teachers that no longer teach people how to reason in order to find the truth, but instead teach them propositional doctrines of political correctness, and the students then think that is the truth? They no longer have the ability to figure out how some of these things really are and how they impact their own lives.

What has happened in the public education system in America is that the teachers have become socialist unions, where they could not care any less about the kids – our literacy rate is dropping like a lead weight – all they care about is their pay, their privileges and not having to put up with kids, and that is the union mentality. They tell us that they care about our kids and they want them to have a better education, and we pay them more and more money ostensibly to do this, but they do not stay late after school to help kids who might be struggling because their unions protect them from having to do so. This is not improving our education.

The Literacy rate is dropping, the math proficiency rates are dropping. We no longer have native-born Americans teaching in the Math, Science, Chemistry and Physics departments in our colleges – instead we have Orientals, not only East Asians, but also Indians and Pakistanis, because our children are not disciplined enough to master these subjects and get excited about them; it is a really sad message. You have to go to small private colleges to find a white teacher of college math. You will not find them in the mainstream universities. You will find Chinese, Indonesians, Filipinos and so on.

USA Really: [A point to be made here that was not mentioned in the interview but which was understood, is that these comments were not at all about race or ethnocentricity. Rather, this is simply a true situation owing to the disintegration of the American educational system and the corresponding kind of “educated” people that result from it.]

USA Really: This is because the people from these areas have placed a higher priority on education. Russia is like that too. The level of expertise is falling slowly as the schools try to become Westernized, but thankfully, it has not yet taken hold at the professional levels. The level of professionalism in Russia is astounding. The very notion of “Russian hackers” exists simply because Russian computer geeks are indeed very good at this.

This was obviously a very candid interview, and the expression of views so honestly by an American who has seen the nation through since 1938 is invaluable when looking at the nation’s path through history. We are indebted to “Father Vincent” for his candor and honesty.

Author: Seraphim Hanisch