Men now afraid to give women CPR in case they’re accused of sexual assault
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Men now afraid to give women CPR in case they’re accused of sexual assault


AUSTIN, TEXAS – November 14, 2018

Women fought for equality for a long time: for the right to property, for the right to elect and be elected, to have the possibility to build a career as men do. It seems that feminism has gone through all the stages: its peak was the sensational sexual revolution that broke out in the 1960s and gradually covered most of the globe. They finally got everything they had been fighting for since medieval times: mini-skirts, contraception, abortions, sex at will, the right not to shave her legs, and the opportunity to marry and divorce whoever they want.

Long live the free new world. We should all be feminists.

Now we are seeing a new qualitative shift. The sexual revolution has crossed a line called harassment. Hollywood stars, TV presenters, politicians, and other showmen have launched a powerful offensive against the culture of male domination.

Harassment is an obscure crime, even from the point of view of law. The scandal Kavanaugh clearly demonstrated this. There was no need for any investigation or evidence – it was enough for some woman to simply say that she was harassed 30 years ago, and so many believed her.

But there is a time to cast away stones, and there is time to collect them. Feminists have been able to kill masculinity by replacing it with fear and irresponsibility. Now, women who suffer a heart attack could be left unaided as men are too afraid to give CPR, lest they be accused of sexual assault.

Researchers from the University of Colorado surveyed people on their attitudes in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Interviewees said (among other things) that they feared being accused of inappropriate touching or sexual assault, the researchers found.

Men were twice as likely to cite this fear as a reason for not administering CPR, the researchers found.

Study lead author Sarah Perman of the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver, said: “The consequences of all of these major themes is that women will potentially receive no CPR or delays in initiation of CPR.

“While these are actual fears the public holds, it is important to realize that CPR is lifesaving and should be rendered to collapsed individuals regardless of gender, race or ethnicity.”

Administering CPR at the moment of a heart attack roughly triples a person’s chances of surviving, the researchers said.

Do you like the world of victorious feminism? Is it easier to live in? As for us, not so much... And who did you want to prove something to? Your family? Friends? They already love you. To your husband (or that special someone)? Well, now they have started to enjoy the benefits of their position as a second-tier player.

Long live feminism! It helps men by putting responsibility on the shoulders of women.

Author: USA Really