The Us Navy Is Preparing For Tsunami
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The Us Navy Is Preparing For Tsunami


CALIFORNIA — May 29, 2018

Recently we wrote that FEMA was secretly preparing the evacuation of California. However, tracking the comments to this material on other resources, we are faced with people who have seen absolutely no connection between what is happening today in Hawaii and FEMA exercises in California.

Time, as always, puts everything in its place.

Hal Turner Radioshow:

The United States Navy, Pacific Command in Hawaii, is conducting its SECOND Tsunami Exercise this month, today simulating a Magnitude 6.9 earthquake, at a depth of 2 miles, in the Pacific Ocean.

The Exercise, at Pearl Harbor, puts Sailors and Marines through the paces that would have to be taken if an actual destructive Tsunami was headed for their base: Ships, planes, helicopters, munitions, weapons would have to be either secured or moved to higher ground, perhaps within minutes, while military members families would have to be evacuated at the same time; pandemonium if it ever actually took place.

Depending upon where the Tsunami originated, it may not be possible to save ANY ships, planes, helicopters or the like. If, for instance, a volcanic eruption on a nearby Hawaiian island took place causing a land collapse into the sea, a monstrous tidal wave (i.e. Tsunami) could envelope the nearby islands with a wall of water 100 meters tall in as little as twenty minutes!

Such waves move through the open ocean at the speed of jet airliners - about 500 MPH -- and there is no man-made defense capable of withstanding the onslaught of water.   The only thing mankind can try to do is to get out of its way.

Given the ongoing eruption of the Mount Kilauea volcano on the southeastern flank of the "Big Island" of Hawaii, and the very real possibility that an unstable land mass called the "Hilina Slump" which is already detaching, could send up to 5,000 cubic kilometers of earth plunging into the sea,  it is right and proper that our armed forces practice for this type of potential disaster.

So, as you can see from these exercises on Pearl Harbor ,by the way, second for the month (sic), because of  the threat of destruction of the Big island of Hawaii, US Navy are very serious. It’s very unlikely that their fears are based on a panic rumors and YouTube translations– for this, they have its own divisions US Geological survey, from  which they receive complete information. And once the Pentagon for the second time in a month has decided to conduct expensive trainings, it means they have the reason for that.

Author: USA Really