Why is BIG Brother/US Intelligence Community "Scared" of Sites like “USA Really” and Veterans Today?
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Why is BIG Brother/US Intelligence Community "Scared" of Sites like “USA Really” and Veterans Today?


What in the hell is going on; why are such websites in the crossfire these days? Honestly USA's articles are not that interesting or threatening, rather humdrum at best, at least at first impression. However, the way they are written appeals to average Americans; they are not written over their heads in Orwellian Doublespeak--'it's a beautiful thing, the destruction of language.”

But apparently that is the problem

I suspect that is what has the American establishment, i.e., security agencies, and the like, so very upset. The powers in the US are threatened by anything that tells it like it is, easy to understand, and does not come from the corporate-controlled and US-government manipulated corporate media (MSM). 

This is more of a war than we want to accept, being waged against free speech and internet freedom. The isolated examples that make it in the news, at least MSM,  is just a warning of what is to come … much more is going on that we are not yet privy.

VOA, Voice of America, is about as official mouthpiece of the US government as you can get, and it describes “The website USA Really is funded by the sponsors of the Russian "troll factory" accused of interference in the 2016 U.S. vote. It goes on to describe how FBI agents told the Head of USA Really, Alexander Malkevich that his site must register in the U.S. as a foreign agent. 

Others MSM outlets weigh in too, USA Really as publishing and spreading divisive news stories — both real and fake — about social and political problems in the United States. The site is financed in part by Russia’s Federal News Agency, a group with ties to Yevgeny Prigozhin, the oligarch known as “Putin’s Chef.”

Malicious Website Suspected

Coincidence or not, why is it just after the midterm elections in the US, Alexander Malkevich gets detained by FBI at Washington DC Airport. And also the site, along with Veterans Today and others get blocked by Facebook?

“Sorry, there was a problem with the following link: This link has been reported as participating in malicious behavior or abuse.”

Of the news of the detention was promptly disseminated by the MSM across the usually publishing platforms, likely not as “real news” but as a warning to anyone who proffers a different perspective on what actually happens in the United States.

Let’s consider the titles

Titles are spicy at times, Russian ‘Election Observer’ And Internet ‘Troll,’ Alexander Malkevich, Detained and Questioned by FBI.  

But the message is unmistakable: Beware of anyone, or media outlet, who wants to report on what actually transpires in America from an insider’s perspective, especially if the publishing platform is safely outside of the US.

A Russian ministry statement described the airport incident as "evidence of the campaign of pressure by the American authorities, not only on the Russian press, but on any independent opinion, about the United States."

Been there done that!

I myself was detained twice at the same Washington DC area airport this year, arriving and departing from the US; I am a US citizen—native born.  But it is nice to see the FBI used a search warrant served on a non US citizen, as in my case, they told me under the Patriot Act that no search warrant was required.

Apparently such rights had been removed for citizens under guise of fighting terrorism, as the 4th Amendment technically still protects US citizens from unreasonable searches. But in practice this does not apply at borders. Searches of checked luggage must be made upon probable cause and not as a matter of routine procedure—at least that is how it is supposed to be.

According to Russian media outlets, Malkevich described his questioning as “funny” especially the part, in which the FBI wondered if he was a Russian (GRU) military intelligence agent. But only if the truth was known, at least according to the FB I, he is the leader of a bunch of ramshackle idiots left over from the Putin’s Troll Army.

Malkevich wears many hats, and is also a member of the Russian Civic Chamber, and just before this incident he was an election observer during the November 6 midterm in the US State of Maryland. It is reported by various media outlets that he was shocked over the scale of Election Day violations in states ruled by Democrats.

USA Really expects that the grip of corporate-political manipulation will become more severe as the political landscape and divisions in the US gets more complicated.  More and more independent media outlets will be banned and filtered. Voices from the people will be even more censored than now.

Naturally none of this is possible without assistance from tech giants like Facebook and Twitter, and how they are working in tandem with intelligence services and political entities. I have personally experienced media censorship for many years. 

What thing is certain, as the NY Times quoted me a few months back, “Whenever I write for anything Russian, they don’t censor me;” however, “if I write for American publications, I get censored!”

Radio/Media Free America

Perhaps it is time for defenders of press freedoms to close ranks and set up a NGO of their own for the purpose of launching a Radio Free America type of media platform, modeled on what the US Information Agency did with Radio Free Europe during the Cold War--- RFE/RL: Free Media in Unfree Societies.

We can model our new USA Really sponsored site, Radio/Media Free America, and use the same language as found on US government sponsored media sites,

“Our Mission, Journalism, and Editorial Independence USA Really- Radio/Media Free America journalists report the news in countries, especially those places where a free press is banned [or restricted] by the government and corporations, or not yet fully established. And to provide what many people cannot get locally: uncensored news, responsible discussion, and open debate.”

Author: Jeffrey Silverman