Voting problems, fraud, scandals plague polling places across America: Delaware
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Voting problems, fraud, scandals plague polling places across America: Delaware


DELAWARE – November 16, 2018

Delaware remains one of just a handful of states without voting machines that produce a paper record that can be used to verify ballots after votes are cast.

The lack of a hard copy in Delaware and some other states like New Jersey or Louisiana has been a cause for concern among some security experts who say voters are unable to check their results for any manipulation or tampering, WBOC16 news reported.

Although Delaware's machines are more than two decades old, Hank McCann, chairman of the Kent County Republican Committee, said the current voting machines work fine but the lack of paper records has sparked some anxiety from voters he's spoken to over the years.

"I had people go in and say 'I voted this, this, this, and this,' and it came out—as far as they're concerned—when they pushed the button at the bottom that it wasn't the way they had really voted," he said.

Across the Delaware Valley, there have been reports of longer lines and higher turnout than typical for recent midterms, according to WHYY News.

House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst said lines in Sussex County have been as long, if not longer, as the lines upstate.

As Delaware Online reported, a lot of false information is spread about voting. Some examples: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement patrols at polling locations or you can vote via text or email. Statewide, elections officials have received a handful of complaints, including some confusion over voter ID laws and an election worker making what appears to be an ill-conceived joke on Facebook, Delaware Online wrote.

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