Google: California Republican Party is Nazi
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Google: California Republican Party is Nazi



In the face of the approaching California primary, Google claimed in its “knowledge panel” that “Nazism” was one of the California Republican Party’s main ideologies. Understandably, Republicans are furious. They believe Silicon Valley tech giants are obviously in league with the Democratic party.

“It is disgraceful that the world’s largest search engine has labeled millions of California Republicans as Nazis,” said Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California, the House Majority Leader and potential successor to Speaker Paul Ryan to Vice News.. “This is just the latest incident in a disturbing trend to slander conservatives. These damaging actions must be held to account. The bias has to stop.”

No one knows how long Nazism has been listed there. It’s also unclear was it by a machine, a donkey’s ‘good Samaritan’, or a Google employee.

"This was not the result of any manual change by anyone at Google. We don't bias our search results toward any political party. Sometimes people vandalize public information sources, like Wikipedia, which can impact the information that appears in search," the spokesperson said via email to Fox News.

Google: California Republican Party is Nazi

"We have systems in place that catch vandalism before it impacts search results, but occasionally errors get through, and that's what happened here. This would have been fixed systematically once we processed the removal from Wikipedia, but when we noticed the vandalism we worked quickly to accelerate this process to remove the erroneous information,” the spokesperson added.

“It is libelous, and Wikipedia and Google should take more ownership of what is published on their sites since both companies just said 5 million Californians support Nazism,” said Cynthia Bryant, executive director of the California Republican Party. “It is unfortunate, but is unlikely to affect the election because anyone with common sense knows we don’t support Nazism.”

“Google owes conservatives answers and assurances that they are putting an end to this,” Ronna McDaniel, Republican Party Chairwoman, said in a statement to VICE News. “Evidence is mounting that conservative voices are either being suppressed or, as it appears in this case, being falsely depicted as hateful extremists.”

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