Hillary Clinton's Attempts to School EU on Migrant Crisis Cause Laughter Among Europeans
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Hillary Clinton's Attempts to School EU on Migrant Crisis Cause Laughter Among Europeans

Mario Anzuoni

WASHINGTON, DC – November 23, 2018

Hillary Clinton has called on the nations of Europe to curtail immigration to stem the tide of right-wing sentiment on the continent.

Speaking to the Guardian as part of a series of interviews with “senior centrist political figures” about the rise of right-wing populism, the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate mused that Europe “needs to get a handle on migration” because the influx of refugees from the Middle East and Africa in recent years is “what lit the flame” of support for anti-immigration political figures.

She suggested that politicians like Angela Merkel, the architect of Europe’s open-door immigration policy, were “very generous and compassionate,” but insisted that the EU must clamp down on support for refugees because “if we don’t deal with the migration issue it will continue to roil the body politic.”

The former Democratic presidential candidate, who lost the 2016 vote to Donald Trump, accused him of campaigning on the immigration issue to score political points. She maintained the Democratic Party’s narrative of Donald Trump “colluding” with Russia and violating the freedom of press.

“The use of immigrants as a political device and as a symbol of government gone wrong, of attacks on one’s heritage, one’s identity, one’s national unity has been very much exploited by the current administration here,” she said.

“There are solutions to migration that do not require clamping down on the press, on your political opponents and trying to suborn the judiciary, or seeking financial and political help from Russia to support your political parties and movements.”

Cynicism, high self-conceit, craving for mentorship and persistent reluctance to admit their mistakes are common to many modern politicians. But with the Clinton couple, in this regard, few can compete. The Europeans did not forget that Clinton was one of the most vocal defenders of the 2011 Libya military intervention while in office, which is widely believed to have been a prelude to the refugee crisis that rocked Europe, and they did not fail to remind Clinton about it. 

Europeans also did not forget the US’s role in the Arab spring and in the Syrian conflict, because of which the problems with migrants in the EU escalated to the limit.

They reminded her of the role of the US and Clinton personally in the overthrow of the former head of Libya Muammar Gaddafi, who for many years restrained migration flows to Europe. Europeans have not forgotten about her cynical and misanthropic jokes and the joy with which she watched the bloody footage of the terrible death of the Libyan leader, of whom she joked: “We came, we saw, he died.”

Some people insisted that making concessions to make political gains is nothing new to the Clintons — and that this point can be reduced to absurdity.

That Hillary Clinton gave the interview on the eve of Thanksgiving, a holiday that celebrates immigration, was deemed ironic by some netizens.

Others argued that Clinton, like her fellow left-wing politicians, has been paying attention to the wrong things, and branded her a “discredited centrist superstar.”

It’s very interesting that Blair, Clinton and the rest of them argue that immigration is a legitimate concern but not austerity, privatization and wealth distribution

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