“What happens in Prague … doesn't stay in Prague”: Was Trump right on the “foreign aid issue?”
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“What happens in Prague … doesn't stay in Prague”: Was Trump right on the “foreign aid issue?”


President Donald Trump recently said that the United States should not support any opposition forces abroad that have spent American taxpayers money in vain. However, some opposition candidates from different countries, such as Russian oligarch Mikhail Hodorkovsky, don’t seem to care about such statements very much.

Between November 23 and 25 the “Russia instead of Putin” conference, organized by him—a runaway oligarch—was held in the luxurious interiors of the Grandior Hotel in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. The conference was also funded by the well-known Russophobic William Browder Foundation.

It was impossible to get into the conference if you are “loyal” to Russia. Even those who had paid for the flight and for accommodations were refused entrance to the conference if they were suspected of being not very oppositional.

“We don't work for the journalists, we don't work for Russia we work for a client,” one of the organizers said, responding to the question why independent journalists could not cover the conference.

The conference was true worship of Khodorkovsky, who told the volunteers all the same old stories on how he was imprisoned and what he thinks “Russia without Putin” should look like. The cult of Khodorkovsky was unmistakably present at the conference.

Among the visitors were dozens of journalists from several outlets that are unwelcome in Russia due to their heavy bias and penchant for spreading fake news, such as “Novaya Gazeta,” “Radio Free Europe,” “The Voice of America,” and others. And if the latter two are directly sponsored by Khodorkovsky, the presence of the “Echo of Moscow” radio station caused some questions… “Gazprom already pays you for the war against Russia, I don’t give you money,” Khodorkovsky said in a highly arrogant way.

Money was generally the main issue, discussed by all participants, as some guests even complained that the oligarch had spent less money for the food and wine this year. Yes, it’s pretty hard to work against your own people even if you’re funded by some crooked Democratic foundations!

Moreover, it seems like illegal drugs were no problem for the “social justice warriors” from these outlets, as one of them said: “It’s much better to listen to Khodorkovsky when you’re high, can’t listen to him without cocaine!”

What a true Russian oppositionist really dreams about is to publish a book on how one has been suppressed by “the bloody regime” and to emigrate to the U.S. or some other warm place.

They don’t want Russia to be a better place. They don’t care about the Russian people. They care only about wealth and prosperity and they’ll do anything to get it.

Author: USA Really