Trump Proposes Worldwide “Truth” Network to Counter CNN’s “Unfair, False” Reporting
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Trump Proposes Worldwide “Truth” Network to Counter CNN’s “Unfair, False” Reporting


WASHINGTON, DC – November 27, 2018

President Trump decided to lash out at CNN on Twitter again Monday afternoon, threatening to create a rival global news network that would help counter CNN's powerful influence outside the US. No word on whether Fox News would be involved.

As one reporter pointed out, Trump's tweets were published while he was speaking to a gaggle of reporters in Washington. This means that either these tweets were sent by a staffer with an eerily similar style of writing to Trump or...

Trump forgot to mention that the US already has an international channel that is funded from public funds: Voice of America, which produces content for television, radio and digital platforms in more than 40 languages in many countries around the world.

With a weekly audience of 275.2 million last year according to official data, Voice of America is the largest international broadcaster in the US over the global channels of CNN.

Donald Trump has made CNN one of his favorite targets in the press, and he had to face the channel in court this month following the withdrawal of Jim Acosta’s press accreditation for White House briefings. In the end, he got his credential back.

The President often uses his tweets to counteract the broader media, and, according to press reports, had he lost the 2016 elections he was planning to launch his own Trump TV station.

Author: USA Really