USA Really vs. Deep State American Bureaucracy
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USA Really vs. Deep State American Bureaucracy

USA Really

WASHINGTON – November 27, 2018

Since USA Really is a law-abiding outlet that acts on the basis of existing American laws, even if they sound pretty absurd, we’ve put much effort into registering our news agency as “a foreign agent.”

The head of our project, Alexander Malkevich, was illegally detained a couple of weeks ago at the Washington Airport and was asked many questions by FBI agents who saw him as representative of the main threat to the American state.

Yes, let’s be blind for a second, forgetting about all the racial tensions, economic failures, corruption, global fraud, and other controversial issues undermining the American society and state nowadays: The main threat was an independent journalist from Russia who went there to cover the midterm elections. At least, that’s what the FBI’s mindset was.

Unfortunately, the “witch hunt” against “Russian trolls” is the ridiculous kind of conspiracy we all have to deal with.

Well, once again – we’re a law abiding media source, so, if we’re obliged to register as “a foreign agent” – let it be, and let’s hope it helps the American people (since we work for them, not for Washington and the deep state) find out what’s really going on in their country, since the mainstream media is set on spreading “fake news” and is extremely biased today.

USA Really

USA Really

Back on November 9, Mr. Malkevich received a letter from the U.S. Department of Justice, National Security Division employee, Chief of Foreign Agents Registration Unit, Heather H. Hunt, where he was asked to register USA Really as “a foreign agent” within a 30-day period.

Phony accusations, numerous attacks on the freedom of speech, and constant violation of First Amendment principles have become a true feature of crooked deep state ideology in America, but nevertheless we decided to play the game according to these strange rules. The letter from Heather H. Hunt also provided a contact number and e-mail address, so we immediately replied.

Here is the text of the letter we sent:

USA Really

USA Really

And here we encountered the chaos of the deep state, as we never received any kind of reply! This is the true face of American bureaucracy, and even if you tend to follow its rules, all your efforts could be spent in vain, as were ours!

So, what should we do know? We do want to work in the legal field—we do want to follow the American laws, but the deep state bureaucratic machine doesn’t let us! Thus, the only conclusion possible in this regard, is that Washington is so afraid of USA Really that it doesn’t even want to register us as “a foreign agent,” forcing us to act illegally, like Facebook or some other controlled-by-the-deep-state social network.

Yet, we still hope we get an answer from the Justice Department, so we can become “absolutely legal” in the U.S.

Author: USA Really