PROPHETIC-POEM and Homage to Nostradamus
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PROPHETIC-POEM and Homage to Nostradamus

USA Really

USA Really presents the poem applied for The Global Democracy Award (The Nathanael West "Best Poem").

By Nostradamus-Anticia, aka Charles Lee Gillenwater


Descending from observation deck, does elevator fall;

Executives smile as they walk down the hall.

Exploding of old Post Office;

Peeping Rahm from 360-Degree, does not see.


Seeming to stall, plane hangs in the air;

Trump Tower in foreground, does Willis it hunt.

After, mushroom shall fill the sky,

Treasure from Ecurrancy, no longer to shine;

Effect of Patriot Act II, shall take.


Anticipated countermeasure, preemptively ordered;

The lights go out in Ivans Land.

The Urbain Senator speaks not,

Attendent was he, as-well-as Oudi.

Chicago, city of malfunctioning lights;

Keeping order Militia must;

Sent to trump those, who fuss.

Author: Charles Lee Gillenwater