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Tracking NYC Transgenders and Fun With Ocasio-Cortez
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Tracking NYC Transgenders and Fun With Ocasio-Cortez


Again I greet you all o ye dear listeners of this here USA Really daily podcast. Welcome to today’s broadcast for November 27. Already less than a month until Christmas! Is that not crazy? Time flies. And, of course, flying time means plenty of juicy news, so keep it right here to find out what’s going on in your world.

But as always, I want to kick things off by telling you about our big hot fat chances for you to win big fat hot stacks of cash! First is our Global Democracy Award, and pay attention, cause the contest is just about over! We’re looking for original works on the US government’s interference in other states—whether it be essays or videos or poems or memes, and it ends DECEMBER 1! So get your creative juices flowing and get us your original works by DECEMBER 1. Then there’s our Zuckerberg Wanted action where we’re looking for solid evidence of the government enforcing illegal censorship online, and especially on social networks. In both cases, you could find yourself the happy owner of several thousands of dollars, so check both of these items out!

Well let’s kick this thing off by taking a look at today’s opinion piece: “The Failure of Middle Class Christianity” by K. E. Benois. This is a pretty interesting piece—one of my favorites out of all the opinion pieces I’ve reviewed. Benois starts it off: “In looking at the important subject of American religiosity, the spectacular death spiral of the country’s once dominant Protestant culture is truly a feast for sociologists. In the post-WWII secular landscape of Europe, America was often regarded as the ‘outlier’ of irreligion’s somewhat exaggerated march. It was believed that Christianity in the United States had staying power for a number of reasons, the first being it was never subject to the catastrophe of WWI to any notable degree, but also because the establishment clause of the Constitution meant that it was a difficult scapegoat in times of political divides. This was the consensus at least, until the early 2000s. What exactly went wrong? The creepy apostles of ‘New Atheism’ would like people to believe that greater knowledge of the scientific method, and widespread access to the internet, sounded the funeral drum of American religiosity. However, this is a pathetic kind of godless wish-fulfilment. Such activists desperately want the decline of religion to be based in ‘facts’, but unfortunately the innate human lack of interest in facts spoils their theory. One might say a reason for the staying power of religion more generally is the human preference for the significance of narratives over facts. Unfortunately, the spiritual autism of ‘out and proud’ atheists prevents them from seeing any significance in narratives at all, and they thus tend to view themselves as the only sane people in a lunatic asylum.” Yah, and the whole piece is that captivating, so you HAVE to check this one out for sure.

Then let’s continue on with today’s “This Day in History” piece, where we fill your noggins with all kinds of history goodness. On this day in 1863, the Battle of Mine Run of the Civil War kicked off. This battle is known as Payne's Farm, or New Hope Church, or the Mine Run Campaign and was fought in Orange County, Virginia – one of the main battlefields of the Civil War. Both sides actually claim victory in this one, interestingly. Then in 1868, the Battle of Washita River took place in the Indian Wars. Here, Custer’s forces attacked Black Kettle’s Southern Cheyenne camp, carrying out a real massacre. And on this day in 2015, the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting took place. Three were killed and nine injured as a “warrior for the babies” took matters into his own hands. Obviously, this is not how pro-lifers should and not how they usually act. Violence is the means of the left and the mentally disturbed.

And let’s jump into the news, shall we? First up, some good news for the military: “U.S. Navy Developing Hypersonic Weapons and Low-Yield Nuclear Warheads.” Apparently some funds have been doled out to begin the development of a small number of low-power nuclear warheads W76-2, which will be built to contain Russia. A Navy rep stated that the Pentagon would not need to test these warheads because they were based on the W76-1. The idea is to have a booster going up to the upper atmosphere or outer space and a hypersonic glide vehicle able to maneuver while descending to defy air defenses and strike moving targets. With the Avangard operational, Russia is the only country to have such a weapon today. If our boys can pull this off, the strategic balance would be tilted in the US’s favor, giving it the advantage of the first conventional strike.

And you know this is true—the US loves spending money on stupid stuff, amirite? In 2016, according to Senator Paul Rand, the US Government spent $1.404 billion on stupid and meaningless research. Paul estimated that the US government spent an amount equal to the average annual tax levies from more than 170,000 Americans. Do you think the situation has changed since 2016? We have to disappoint you. The National Institute of Health is spending over $600,000 to use GPS tracking on transgender women of color in New York City. Yeah, you heard/read that right. They’re handing out GPSes to transgenders to see where they go, what their patterns of travel are. Somehow this is supposed to reduce HIV? We’ll let you read the piece to see if you can make either heads or tail of it. I can’t. Lawdy, Where Have All the Big Grants Gone?

And it looks like Trump doesn’t know what to do about his Minister of Finance. President Trump has expressed dissatisfaction with the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin, accusing him of appointing the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, which raises interest rates, reports the Wall Street Journal. Trump fears that higher interest rates threaten economic growth, while approaching the election campaign 2020. However, after the publication of the Wall Street Journal, Trump has said he is quite happy with Steven Mnuchin’s performance despite reports he was dissatisfied with the Treasury Secretary. Mnuchin reportedly tried to moderate Trump’s policy in the trade dispute with China. The Republican president, seeking to slash a $375 billion trade gap with China, has imposed tariffs on $250 billion worth of Chinese imports to force concessions. At a meeting last month, Mnuchin allegedly used the word “we” to refer to the tough-on-China trade practices. “What do you mean ‘we,’ Steve?” Trump reportedly replied. Things are always fun with Trump, aren’t they?!

And for the next one, I’ll give you the title, and let’s see if you know who’s it about: “New Star in the Stupidity Horizon.” You got it? Yup, it’s Ocasio-Cortez. She’s great. Every time she opens her mouth, something profoundly stupid falls out. When the news broke that the Central American caravan rushed the US border and that Border Patrol agents fought back with tear gas, Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter...to compare those caravan riders to the Jews fleeing from Nazi Germany. It’s a ridiculous and disgusting attempt to compare what cannot be compared and to try to push her political agenda through these idiotic comparisons. Fortunately, for thinking people, the comparison caused only disgust. Ocasio-Cortez was soon exposed to richly deserved criticism for her exploitation of the Holocaust. Of course, she’s said so many other stupid things, and, of course, there’re plenty of other stupid American politicians too.

And could Trump be planning an alternative network to combat fake news, like CNN? President Trump decided to lash out at CNN on Twitter again Monday afternoon, threatening to create a rival global news network that would help counter CNN's powerful influence outside the US. No word on whether Fox News would be involved. It would certainly be entertaining if he did, but this is probably an instance of Trump just spouting off.

And USA Really’s battle against the deep state American bureaucracy continues. We try to be law-abiding. American law says we have to register as a “foreign agent,” so that’s what we’re trying to do. But even when we play their game and fill out all the right documents, they don’t even answer us! Seems we simply can’t register at all. The only conclusion possible in this regard, is that Washington is so afraid of USA Really that it doesn’t even want to register us as “a foreign agent,” forcing us to act illegally.

And this next piece is pretty sticky, pretty stanky, pretty gross. Apparently, just like everyone else, federal employees love to watch porn. The only problem is, their work computers are well-monitored and well-connected, so when one employee got malware from watching so much porn, it started spreading around the network. And this gives us a good jumping off point to talk about several other instances where federal employees were eventually caught with thousands upon thousands and hours upon hours of skank-nasty porn on their computers. One guy looked at an average of 79 different porn sites every day. That’s. A lot.

And that’ll do it for our news for the night. Before we bounce on outta here, let’s take a look at tomorrow’s opinion piece, shall we? Its Part 2 of Seraphima Hanisch’s look at “What is behind the disintegration of civility in America?” In Part I, he examined the present climate of political incivility, where violence is increasingly advocated, mostly from the political activist left, against those who are on the right of the American political spectrum. To help do this, he looked at how Americans considered their nation and their own personal liberty and freedom in the late 1800’s. At the center of this national worldview was the notion that God is America’s king, and that this idea of God as the founder and giver of liberty also calls one to respect and follow their own conscience. But, we’ve undergone a major paradigm shift in the relationship between God and man in America, and Hanisch dives into that in Part 2 here. And that has led to the hyper-elevation of human reason over faith, and that’s led us to all kinds of wonky things, including the famous “prosperity Gospel.” Anyways, lots of interesting stuff going on here and Hanisch offers an insightful analysis, so be sure to check out the piece tomorrow!

And with that we bow out for the night. Thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


Author: USA Really