Drugs And Guns Across The Street From Greene County Courthouse
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Drugs And Guns Across The Street From Greene County Courthouse


SRINGFIELD - May 31, 2018

The office of Southern Missouri Judicial Services, also known as the SMOJS - private security firm located across from the Greene County courthouse in Springfield - was raided by police last week.  The raid uncovered a significant amount of illegal drugs and guns which were then seized.

Tim Brenner, the CEO, and founder of SMOJS explained to the press that his company has a state permit allowing them to handle illegal drugs, as it’s necessary for teaching their drug-sniffing dogs.

According to Court records, SMOJS encouraged employees patrolling private areas to act like police: perform traffic stops, detain people and search for and seize contraband. That confiscated contraband, including marijuana, was then stored in an evidence room in Tim Brenner's office.

According to the warrant used to search SMOJS, police have seized the following items from SMOJS:

●        a Pipe and grinder

●        two ammunition boxes each containing marijuana

●        a gray container containing marijuana and related paraphernalia

●        a baggy of a crystal substance

●        marijuana in an SUV

●        a white envelope labeled marijuana

●        two shotguns, two pistols, and a rifle

●        personnel files

●        computer equipment

Brenner said the crystal substance was a pre-workout formula that belonged to one of his employees.

In addition to the guns and drugs, police seized the badge of the Exeter police chief.

According to the warrant, deputies and Combined Ozarks Multi-jurisdictional Enforcement Team, or COMET officers spent about five hours at SMOJS. No employees of SMOJS have been arrested at this time.

Author: USA Really