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Uncivil War in America Silences ANOTHER Conservative
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Uncivil War in America Silences ANOTHER Conservative


Hello out there to all my little friends! I welcome you all to our USA Really daily podcast for November 28—the best place for you to get the quickest scoop on all the news going down in your world. Check out what we’ve published today, and whatever tickles your fancy, well head on over and read those full pieces. We promise we’ve got something for everyone!

But as always, I want to kick things off by telling you about our big hot fat chances for you to win big fat hot stacks of cash! First is our Global Democracy Award, and pay attention, cause the contest is just about over! We’re looking for original works on the US government’s interference in other states—whether it be essays or videos or poems or memes, and it ends DECEMBER 1! So get your creative juices flowing and get us your original works by DECEMBER 1. Then there’s our Zuckerberg Wanted action where we’re looking for solid evidence of the government enforcing illegal censorship online, and especially on social networks. In both cases, you could find yourself the happy owner of several thousands of dollars, so check both of these items out!

With announcements out of the way, let’s move right on into the articles for today. Actually, there’s an opinion piece from yesterday that we need to tell you about first: “Trump Unhappy: GM Cuts 15% of Workforce” by Michael Green. General Motors announced its plans to close three vehicle assembly plants: two in the US and one in Canada in 2019. Two transmission plants are also to be closed in the US. The company said it is all being done as part of an effort to cut 15% of its workforce, in order to increase efficiency. The economic effect is expected at $6 billion by the end of 2020. GM said it’s not about greed—it’s about global product development. The company is going to double investment in electric and autonomous vehicle programs. One of the best parts of this piece is the touching story of the Lisiecki family that has ties with GM dating back to the 1950s. Bob Lisiecki’s long relationship with GM began before he was born. His grandfather was hired into the Detroit Diesel Division in the mid-1950s, and 15 years later, he helped Bob’s father get in as well. Years passed, and in 1977, Bob and his twin brother Rick Lisiecki decided to follow in their grandfather’s and father’s footsteps. Even after their grandfather and father passed, the brotherly unit stayed loyal to the company, never once wavering in their dedication to GM’s values. The family story continues from there, but in the end, will they have a place in GM or not? Check out this piece to find out the fate of these good people.

Then on with today’s opinion piece: Part 2 of Seraphim Hanisch’s look at “What is behind the disintegration of civility in America?” In Part I, he examined the present climate of political incivility, where violence is increasingly advocated, mostly from the political activist left, against those who are on the right of the American political spectrum. To help do this, he looked at how Americans considered their nation and their own personal liberty and freedom in the late 1800’s. At the center of this national worldview was the notion that God is America’s king, and that this idea of God as the founder and giver of liberty also calls one to respect and follow their own conscience. But, we’ve undergone a major paradigm shift in the relationship between God and man in America, and Hanisch dives into that in Part 2 here. And that has led to the hyper-elevation of human reason over faith, and that’s led us to all kinds of wonky things, including the famous “prosperity Gospel.” Anyways, lots of interesting stuff going on here and Hanisch offers an insightful analysis, so be sure to check out the full piece!

Next up, we’ve got that sweet history action for you with our “This Day in History” piece. First up: On this day in 1785, the Treaty of Hopewell was signed, well, the first of three of them, actually! This one was signed between U.S. representative Benjamin Hawkins and the Cherokee Indians and laid out a western boundary for American settlement in South Carolina and its surroundings. The agreement was pretty controversial, as the Indians pointed out that thousands of whities were already squatting on their land and they continued to dispute the borders until new ones were drawn up in 1791. Then on this day in 1862, the Battle of Crane Hill in the Civil War took place. This was part of a Confederate attempt to drive the Union forces back into Missouri and recapture ground lost during the Pea Ridge campaign of early 1862, when Union forces had secured parts of northern Arkansas. It turned out to be a minor tactical victory for the Confederacy, but all the details are in the piece. And the deadliest nightclub fire in US history occurred this day in 1942 in Boston, when the Cocoanut Grove went ablaze, killing 492, which was even more than the building’s authorized capacity.

Next up: bad news for those who have already suffered so much in California: “Scientists Predict Lung Problems for Generations in California.” The twist here is that the research they’re leaning on comes from … monkeys. The 2008 wildfire season in California was a terrible one. Just like this year, air quality alerts were triggered across the northern part of the state, and even hundreds of miles from the actual fires, the air was filled with smoke. In the midst of this, 50 baby monkeys were born. They spent their first months of life outside, breathing that choking, sooty air. Now, they are one of the best sources we have for information about the long-term effects wildfires can have on public health. The results are not comforting. Exposure to wildfire smoke early in life seems to alter the way human lungs grow. That’s especially the case in the alveoli – tiny sacs in the lungs that look like grape clusters and help absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Humans are still adding alveoli throughout childhood, and breathing in air pollution seems to make them grow sparsely and in wonky ways. If those alveoli can’t work like they should, children can grow up with a greater risk for lung diseases and infections – both of which also make their lungs less able to tolerate exposure to wildfire smoke later in life. Instead of healthy adults who can recover and adapt, they’re more likely to have trouble breathing, develop infections and even die. Lord have mercy!

And back to that caravan, that constant source of news: “Number of Migrants Arriving at Border Increased 110% in Two Years.” And people mock Trump when he calls it an invasion… And this is men showing up with children. One problem though—they’re not always, perhaps OFTEN NOT their children. They’re just using them to get into the country, and worse, it could be human trafficking. Between April 19 and September 30 of this year, 87 family units were separated because migrants claiming to be minors were found to be over 18 and 170 family units were separated after they were found to be unrelated. Meanwhile, in order to comply with a Clinton-era decision, migrant children are often released into the country with their parents pending a decision on their asylum application.

Our next piece is on immigration again: “Three Myths About Honduran Caravan Debunked.” We all know the liberal media LOVES to lie through its teeth about Trump, and that’s certainly happening a good bit with the ongoing migrant caravan story. So what are these myths? First we tackle separating myth from fact on child separation, then tear-gassing children, and finally, non-legal asylum seeking. If you don’t know by now that you really just shouldn’t trust anything the mainstream media tells you about Trump and his policies, then this piece will certainly help to convince you of that. I mean, come on—they want you think Trump and his people are evil Nazis, tear-gassing children for fun—as if TEAR-gassing is even the same as a GAS CHAMBER… The people who go around calling everyone Hitler and Nazis are black-hearted people. Anyways, want to know the truth? Check out this piece.

And get this: “Trump Always Knew About Manafort-Mueller Conversation.” A lawyer for Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's campaign chairman, kept President Trump’s lawyers informed about the discussions he had with federal investigators after Manafort agreed to cooperate with the special counsel, the New York Times reported Tuesday. The atypical contacts between the teams of Manafort and Trump were acknowledged by one of the President’s personal lawyers and former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, who explained that the information was useful to know from inside what the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, is investigating. Such information could help shape a legal defense strategy, and it also appeared to give Mr. Trump and his legal advisers ammunition in their public relations campaign against the Special Counsel’s office. Manafort’s legal team had long kept Trump’s lawyers abreast of developments in his case under a joint defense agreement. The President’s team has pursued such pacts as a way to monitor the Special Counsel’s inquiry. Giuliani said last month that the President’s lawyers had agreements with lawyers for 32 witnesses or subjects of Mueller’s 18-month investigation. Anyways, much more on that in this piece.

This next one is very interesting: “Laura Loomer: ‘Silenced in America for Simply Telling the Truth.’” Independent journalist Laura Loomer, who we’ve already mentioned in another article, has become another person silenced in the U.S. for telling the truth and the latest conservative media figure to be permanently banned from Twitter, which  is, according to its website, “a safe place for free expression.” Earlier, Alex Jones of InfoWars was kicked off all platforms for his controversial style and banned from every major social media platform in a new ploy to censor conservative voices that don’t agree with the norm. Who’s next? Apparently, Loomer, a Jew, had the gall to speak out against Muslims persecuting her people! The nerve! We’ve got the history of the affair and all the relevant tweets your hungry eyes could want!

And finally, we wrap things up today with another piece on our neighbors to the south: “Trump Goes on Offensive Against Migrant Caravan.,” taking another look at the use of tear gas and the migrants attempts to storm our borders. What would happen if Trump had not used force? A huge caravan of thousands of people would be in the United States and more than half of the population would accuse Trump of softness and the inability to conduct either foreign or domestic policy and to protect the United States from diseases and pests.

And with that Trumpy goodness, we call it quits for the night. Thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


Author: USA Really