Young Man’s Patriotic Act Caught on Camera in Gallatin
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Young Man’s Patriotic Act Caught on Camera in Gallatin


GALLATIN, TENNESSEE – November 29, 2018

As more and more news stories in recent years have had decidedly anti-American undertones, it was quite surprising to learn about the patriotic act of a young man caught by surveillance camera in Gallatin, Tennessee.

Erin Fezell was prepared for the worst Monday when she noticed an unfamiliar face on her home surveillance system. What happened next made the woman trumpet on various social platforms.

The Gallatin woman explained that winds knocked her flag off the pole Monday morning, and the man took it upon himself to fold it and place it on a chair, so the flag didn’t stay on the ground.

At first, Fezell was not sure who was responsible for the “admirable” act in the Cambridge Farms neighborhood, so she took to Facebook to find out.

“Talk about admirable. I’m not sure who this is, but I truly thank you. You’re a remarkable human and I am honored that you know flag etiquette (better than I do). He folded it correctly then placed it on a chair as to not allow it to lay on the ground,” Fezell wrote on Facebook. “I’m so honored. It’s not often that the current generation gets recognized for doing something so patriotic. I appreciate and applaud you, sir!”

Speaking to WZTV, Fezell continued to heap praise on the young man.

“To come back to our roots and to see the importance of what that symbol means, it’s just truly a touching moment,” Fezell told WZTV. “I just simply applaud him for this small action as it spoke volumes as to the character he has within.”

“His actions are commendable in the most obvious sense. There was no reason for him to do what he did. Nobody would’ve noticed or been particularly upset had he just gone about his business without picking up the flag that had been ripped down by winds,” wrote Western Journal’s Bryan Chai.

Fezell also deserves a ton of credit, as she didn’t have to publicize his good deed or call attention to it.

Instead, she took to social media to both help identify and applaud the young man. She went above and beyond to recognize a dutiful patriot, and that’s simply awesome.

In a country that seems deeply divided and constantly bickering over one ideological issue or another, this is truly a breath of fresh air.

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