Trump Determined to Start Trade War
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Trump Determined to Start Trade War


NEW MEXICO - June 1, 2018

Trump does not listen, he only talks. Trump does not negotiate, he only imposes. Trump rebuffed all advice from his European allies who urged him not to back out of the Paris Agreement against climate change, and the nuclear pact with Iran. In addition, they also decried his unilateral and aggressive move to relocate the  Embassy of the States United from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. A step which is sure to lead to further tension in the region.

The same group also warned him of the dangers of a possible trade war which may result from his stated desire to renegotiate agreements like NAFTA. Canada, Mexico and the European Union, all allies of the United States, have all tried to convince Trump not to take action against them which might result in the same kind of economic war that he has seemed to have begun against China.

But it is useless to talk to Trump. He is merely fulfilling his campaign promises, with no regard to how dangerous some of those promises may have been. In particular, the Trade wars which are at the core of so much of Trump's thinking. In Trump's aggressive and paranoid thinking: others are abusing the United States economically; thus the United States has the right and duty to defend itself.

In light of such rhetoric, it is important to reflect on recent history: all the great global conflicts of the 20th century occurred during times of trade protectionism, while the times of free trade were, in general, times of greater economic and social progress.

Author: USA Really