Wild Wilder and Furious Fury: What to Expect from One of the Biggest Fights
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Wild Wilder and Furious Fury: What to Expect from One of the Biggest Fights


Deontay Wilder, the WBC heavyweight champion, lost his cool during a media scrum when asked by SecondsOut reporter Radio Rahim to explain his comment that “my people have been fighting for 400 years and are still fighting today.”

On Wednesday, Wilder’s final press conference with opponent Tyson Fury descended into complete chaos when the two boxers’ entourages clashed, bringing an abrupt end to the planned face-off.

At first, it wasn’t entirely clear what exactly caused their outrageously aggressive behavior except for their desire to drum up fans’ interest before their eagerly-anticipated fight on Saturday night.

However, new footage has come to light, offering a suggestion as to why the event took a bad turn.

The video, recorded by BT Sport, appears to show Fury telling the unbeaten American to “brush his teeth” before they get in such close proximity again.

Unfortunately, though, the evening ended up turning even hotter after Fury and Wilder’s verbal skirmish.

Although the press conference had already been marred by the chaotic scenes, Wilder was too emotionally invested to stop, launching a furious verbal response at a reporter after his untimely question.

SecondsOut video journalist Radio Rahim, who was also black, asked to explain the racist remarks he made to Fury during their face-off:

“You said that your people have been fighting for 400 years, I just wanted you to explain what you mean by that?”

Immediately incensed by the question, Wilder began shouting in front of the whole room:

“Your people too. Your people too.

“You know what I’m talking about, you all know what I’m talking about!” Wilder screamed.

“Don’t sit up here and try to bait. Y’all know what the f*** I talk about when I say these things. Your people too.

“I ain’t gotta explain what’s understood, Radio Rahim.

“If ain’t nobody understands that, then God be with them, go look up the history.

“S***, don’t everybody believe in Google? Go Google that s***, see what I’m talking about.”

Refusing to stop there, Wilder then took off his glasses and stepped straight up to the reporter, looking him dead in the eye as he continued to shout in his face.

“How dare you just sit up there and say explain, you know what I’m talking about man.

“You know we’ve been fighting 400 years and still fighting to this day, to this day!”

Initially, Wilder had used Fury’s claims about gypsies having to fight for their rights for 200 years to press his own argument about the history of black people in the US.

“You talk about how your people have been fighting for 200 years, my people have been fighting for 400!” roared Wilder in Fury’s face. “My people have been fighting for 400 and are still fighting today.”

He also claimed that had he gone through the same comeback from drug and mental health problems as Fury has, he would be brandished a “drug addict” and a “terrorist” by the US media.

Nevertheless, far from all fans were touched by Wilder’s “heated” speech.


It’s not the first time Wilder spoke of racial injustice in America and if we delve a bit deeper into the fighter’s past, it becomes clear as day why he allows himself to ignite with every little mention of his skin color.

“You’re looked upon because of your skin color and when people don’t understand that and can’t see it, it's a subject that’s hard to understand.

“The thing about being black is there are people who are intimidated by it and who fear it because of what they think or may have heard, or what has happened in history.

“When someone outspoken like me speaks about it, it counts against me because no-one wants to hear it because it isn’t done to your man and it isn’t done to your culture,” Wilder told the Mirror several days ago.

Talking about Wilder’s unrestrained anger, the US media always forgets to mention the years of harassment via social media he had to go through. Charlie Zelenoff, a wannabe fighter, had been trolling Wilder for years with harassing phone calls and deeply personal jabs – such as comments about his young daughter diagnosed with spina bifida – on social media until. The story ended with them fighting at Hollywood Boxing Gym where Wilder became furious while “beating the hell” out of the troll.

Nor does anyone mention that Tyson Fury’s pal, WBO world middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders, attacked Wilder by calling him a racist and a “c**t” after the latter accused promoter Eddie Hearn of exploiting Anthony Joshua last spring.

“He is a racist c**t I think, I personally think he is,” 'Superb' told iFL TV. “Questions about promoters using fighters, he’s got a bit of a chip on his shoulder.”

Hardly anyone would recall how the over-mentioned Saunders hurled chicken at his American rival and ran away from Nando’s restaurant in Belfast, apparently unable to explain his “racist c***” slur to the heavyweight champ.

Anyways, only the fight itself can sort everything out. It’ll start tomorrow at 9 p.m. ET (6 p.m. PT)
at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The unbeaten heavyweights will fight for Wilder’s WBC heavyweight title and the chance to be recognized as the lineal champion in the division at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Boxing legend Lennox Lewis has delivered his verdict on the huge title fight. Asked who will come out on top, Lewis responded: “Tyson Fury, if it goes the distance. Deontay Wilder, if it’s a short fight.

“Tyson Fury is not easy to hit. People forget he is six foot nine and those guys are not easy to hit.

“The only saving grace for Deontay is he is six foot seven so has got those long arms to be able to reach Tyson Fury.”

Well, either way, it’s going to be something more than just a fight for a champion title, as Wilder will fight for his honor.


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