An 8-Month-Old Baby Girl Killed by Pet Pitbull in Florida
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An 8-Month-Old Baby Girl Killed by Pet Pitbull in Florida


MIRAMAR, FLORIDA — June 1, 2018

A baby girl who was attacked by a family dog died on Wednesday in Miramar, Florida.

According to police, the baby was in the care of her grandmother at the time of the incident. The grandmother was walking three pit bulls with her granddaughter when one of them slipped its leash and pounced on the child. The young girl was in her stroller at the time of the attack.

Police were the first to arrive at a scene. When fire and rescue officials arrived on the scene, they declared the child to be deceased.

The attacker was a male dog raised by the family from the time it was a puppy and is now likely to be euthanized by local authorities after the attack on the child pending an evaluation from animal control experts. All three dogs were taken away by Broward County Animal Care and Adoption officials.

According to police, the parents asked for time to inform other relatives before publicly declaring the identity of the victim.

A victims services unit including counselors were made available for the child's family.

A few months earlier, in a similar case, an Oklahoma woman died after being mauled by a pack of dachshunds that allegedly belonged to her neighbor.

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