Florida College That Supported Jihadist Jew-Hating Muslim Professor Upholds Christian Ban
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Florida College That Supported Jihadist Jew-Hating Muslim Professor Upholds Christian Ban


Over a year after a thorough investigation of Rollins College aimed at clearing out “whether Jesus’ Crucifixion took place or not,” the first sparks of madness born by the absurdity of the case have begun to inflame new ambiguities. Now the top brass at Florida College are focused on upholding a rule that is meant to stop discrimination, but actually discriminates against conservative Christians…

In March 2017, the Central Florida Post exposed Rollins professor Areej Zufari for crafting an elaborate plot to punish a Christian student for challenging her in class, which led to the student’s suspension from Rollins College.

Twenty-year-old Marshall Polston, a sophomore at the four-year college, said that his Middle Eastern Humanities professor claimed that the Crucifixion of Christ was a hoax and Jesus’ disciples did not believe He was God.

“Whether religious or not, I believe even those with limited knowledge of Christianity can agree that according to the text, Jesus was crucified and his followers did believe he was divine… that he was ‘God,’” Polston said. “Regardless, to assert the contrary as academic fact is not supported by the evidence.”

Marshall Polston/

To make a long story short, Polston received a 52% on a major essay for his “disobedience” and was careless enough to ask Zufari about his grade another day … along with speaking out after another student suggested “gays be put to death and that Sharia Law should absolutely be upheld in the United States.”

Apparently, Zufari decided enough was enough as she started to make up methods for silencing the “ignorant” student. She filed a complaint with a campus dean, claiming Polston made her feel “unsafe” and posted on Facebook to the ACLU of Florida, complaining about an unnamed student that is “making my life hell this semester. This one is spewing hatred at me, de-railing class, and just sent me a hateful email threatening me… I want to know if there is a way to hold the individual responsible for his harassment and hate speech. Any ideas? Thank you!”

Areej Zufari, Director of Communications and Media for the Islamic Society of Central Florida, kneels with other women during prayers in Orlando, Fla., Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2004/

According to the March 24 suspension letter, Polston’s “actions have constituted a threat of disruption within the operations of the College and jeopardize the safety and well-being of members of the College community and yourself.”

Polston was suspended but didn’t give up and hired an attorney to return the common sense to his alma mater.

Nevertheless, the Central Florida Post managed to expose the professor for filing a false report – claiming the Christian student was skulking around in a bush after being banned from campus – and unearthed court documents that showcased how Professor Zufari radicalized the children of a former lover. She also defended Jew-hating comments reminiscent of the Third Reich and hosted a fundraiser for a man who was listed as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the 1993 WTC terrorist attack.

After the Central Florida Post published its initial report, Marshall Polston got a private Facebook message from his classmate who informed him that “they” were organizing against him.

“I told her that the only person who has committed a crime here is Professor Zufari, who blatantly lied to the police.” “See who will win the system,” the female student proclaimed.

After the coverage of the story, however, the school was flooded with phone calls of support for the student and demands that Zufari be fired. Polston was reinstated, and the controversial professor resigned.

The Central Florida Post got its portion of negativity, though.

“We said Polston did not deserve to be suspended.

In response, we were lambasted by liberal websites. We were called obscenities on Facebook. Even the Orlando Sentinel got in on the act, with their star columnist, Scott Maxwell, calling us a “blogger” and “fake news.”

Just like when we were ostracized for scooping the mainstream media with Jeff Ashton’s Ashley Madison troubles and Ray Valdes’ profiting from his office, it has now been proven that we were correct again and the mainstream media is stuck looking foolish,” the CFP wrote.

It seemed then that Rollins College learned its lesson. Well, not so fast…

On Thursday, the campus-controlled newspaper the Sandspur reported that the school is upholding a nearly six-year-old rule banning conservative Christian groups from campus.

The ban was enacted when a former Christian campus organization did not allow a gay student to compete for leadership elections.

“The intent of this change is to empower student organizations to select their own leaders,” President Grant Cornwell said. “That’s part of what an education for citizenship and a democracy ought to entail – practice with the procedures and principles of democracy.” 

In response, the organization was decertified by Rollins College for violating the campuses “non-discrimination” policies.

“If you aren’t abiding by the rules set forth for a club on campus, go start your own. More importantly, it is highly hypocritical that the whole of Rollins College faculty and administrative leaders who supported an Islamist’s crooked attacks on a student are now crowing about ‘non-discrimination’ policies,” The Gateway Pundit reported.

“The double standards and hypocrisy remain rampant at Rollins College <…> Shame.”

Analise Cutter ‘22 and around 15 other students protested against centrism on the Cru-LGBTQ debate and against changing the non-discrimination policy/

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