US Gov't terrorizes Amish People for Selling Natural Products
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US Gov't terrorizes Amish People for Selling Natural Products

Jeffrey Hutchinson

What do most people think about this? ‘I am innocent.’ Imprisoned Kentucky Amish man seeks pardon from President Trump, and in reading the article, at first impression, it does in fact sound like he was something of a snake-oil-salesman, however, it sets a dangerous precedent.

Samuel Girod who belongs to a religious sect, Amish, is described as a farmer who ended on the wrong side of the law for selling herbal health products that were not properly labelled, at least according to Federal law.

He is now seeking a pardon from President Donald Trump or at least a reduction in his six year Federal prison sentence.  The petition is listed online as seeking a commutation or reduction of sentence, but the application indicates that Girod seeks a full presidential pardon.

Federal prosecutors claimed that Girod knowingly and intentionally sold mislabeled products to customers and did not tell any of them about an earlier injunction against the product. Girod argued that his products were not subject to the FDA because they were herbal remedies, not drugs.

Most people think that most laws don’t apply to Amish people on the basis of religious freedom but that is definitely not the case. The Amish are subject to the rules and regulations by the FDA.

But this case points to a trend in the US, as anything goes for BIG Pharma and food giants, and labels don’t apply or are meaningless, children’s’ breakfast cereals can be used as a weed killer, as the grain was harvested from fields where herbicides were used at excessive rates.

Yes, food and health safety should be paramount but why make examples of some Amish farmer? The answer should be obvious, to scare the rest of us, and make us think that BIG government and its agencies know what is best.

Even in rural West Virginia it is illegal to sell unpasteurized apple cider without a warning label, due to the slight chance of contamination, as occasionally there have been outbreaks of illness, notably from E. coli.

However, that is a state law and not a Federal mandate. Whatever happened to the notion of common sense in food safety and state rights?

As one comedian wrote, "herbal health products" sounds like an obvious synonym for Marijuana but the man wasn't selling drugs.” He was selling a mixture of natural ingredients and claimed the product could help treat poison ivy rashes, psoriasis, and headaches.

I suspect for jock itch too!

For this he gets six years in a Federal prison, (at least at a minimum security facility) on various charges; most sound as if they were trumped up. I wonder if Samuel Girod will be allowed to work in growing food on the prison farm—I highly doubt if they still have one.

He should be allowed to apply to an international tribunal, based on human rights, for being forced to eat unhealthy and processed food.  “What if we thought again the way we think of [healthy] food… not as a privilege but as a fundamental human right, guaranteed to everyone?”

Buyer Beware of Government

What can we learn from all of this?  FDA and Big Brother are looking at what you eat, wear, or paint yourself up with. Yes, consumers should be able to expect that the foods and products that they purchase are safe.

But there are double-standards, and small farmers don’t have lobbyist and they don’t have paid off politicians to look after them. No longer can you just assume that you have the right to decide what is best for you, your family and your body.

Such decisions are left to the discretion of the government, on all levels. You cannot opt out anymore on vaccinations, with a very few exceptions in some states.  Many vaccines have not been proved to be safe. No longer can you opt out based on religious or academic grounds anymore.

The bottom line, based on a Heritage Foundation report,  is that those who claim to be representing our best interests have decided that Americans can no longer make informed decisions about the basic needs of life: eating, what pastes, preparations, we put on or into our bodies (even if we don’t want to act as pin cushions for unproven vaccines).   

This control means trying to direct people to eat a certain way, buying corporate processed foods grown on one crop spreads, animal products raised on factory farms, or buying medicines that are provided by companies that have blatant conflicts of interests with those in government and regulatory bodies—and are dangerous and often deadly.

Author: Jeffrey Silverman