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Trump Lovers Loving One Another and a Bad Guy Gets Fried
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Trump Lovers Loving One Another and a Bad Guy Gets Fried


Welcome welcome welcome all you dear listeners and readers to our USA Really daily podcast for December 5. We’re always glad to have you joining in, and we’re always glad to be your guide through the most recent news that affects you and your country. Let’s do this!

But before we jump into the articles, don’t forget that our Global Democracy Award contest has been EXTENDED until December 31, giving you another month to get us your original works about the US government’s interference in other countries! This is a serious contest, offering thousands of dollars to the winners! And we also still have our Zuckerberg Wanted action going, where we’re looking for solid evidence of the government enforcing illegal censorship online, and especially on social networks. If you have something solid, you could find yourself the happy owner of several thousands of dollars, so check this out now!

And actually, our opinion piece for today is an entry for the contest. It’s called “A Breaking Point in Geopolitical Torsion,” by Ronald Thomas West, and it was submitted in the John Reed best essay category. First off, I want to say that before this article, I’d never heard the word “torsion” in my life, but it’s a legit word. I looked it up. He kicks things off with: “Reciprocity in law is as old as, or older than, the Code of Hammurabi’s an ‘eye for an eye.’ This would later be demonstrated in the international law rule of ‘reciprocity’ where an action undertaken by one state cannot be disputed when the identical principle is undertaken by an opposing state against the initiating state, an early principle of restraint in international relations. It followed, a greater stability had been sought after in the 20th Century’s attempts to organize the international law with the foundation of the League of Nations and its replacement, the United Nations and the onset of the modern multilateral treaty governing nation-states behavior. However sincere certain statesmen might have been in creating the United Nations and associated international law of the present era, flaws were inevitable in the mold at casting.” Mmmmm, so what were these flaws and where did they take us? Well, check out the piece and let West take you down that path.

And of course we’ve got our daily dose of history for you in our “This Day in History” piece. On this day in 1921, the 21st amendment to the Constitution was ratified, which thereby negated a previous amendment. Know which one I’m talking about? And yesterday we told you about Rosa Parks, and today in 1955, the Montgomery Bus Boycott began as a result of her bravery. And on this day in 1964, Captain Roger Donlon was awarded the first Medal of Honor of the Vietnam War. Read this piece for all the sweet deets!

Then we’ve got Barely Hidden Threats Part 2, which continues the look at what the heck is going on with the economy today. Of course, this is always a super complicated topic. I certainly can’t fathom things like the stock market and bubbles bursting and all that – way too many moving parts for me. This one even has the walking dead! Well, or “zombie companies”—those that are unprofitable or have income that’s just too low to manage. We got Fed rate hikes, we got bubbles bursting, this piece has it all for you economically-minded folks. And unemployment is low, which is good, right? I do remember from my Econ classes in college that too low of an unemployment rate can actually be bad, though I don’t remember why. Plus, if people just aren’t looking for work, then they aren’t included in the rates, so that can be misleading. And how does China factor in? Well, read and see!

And there’s more from our good buddies over at Facebook: “Posting About Killing Immigrants and Minorities is Not Hate Speech, Facebook says.” They’re tooting their own horns, saying, “Look at us, we have new technology that catches way more hate speech,” and yet, they’re just letting TONS of hate speech go by, this time about killing migrants and minorities. Where is our wonderful liberal left on this? I remember a few years ago the radical feminist group FEMEN was posting pictures on Facebook that called for the murder of Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. When these pictures were reported, Facebook responded that they were kosher, no problem. “Just shoot them as they cross. Ammo is cheaper than barbed wire,” wrote a police officer in Oklahoma. Even if you’re against the migrant invasion, such talk is not acceptable for any civilized person. Facebook said in a statement: “Some content did not violate our policies as it advocated for particular government and national security policies, it did not attack someone for their protected characteristics or harass an individual,” which, OK, that could be legit, but there’s certainly some other crap that needs to be removed.

Then it’s time for some Trumpian romance: “We Found Love in a Hopeless Place: A Dating Site for Those Who Love Trump.” My heart is warmed already! The creator of this new site was inspired by a beautiful woman she had met last year in NYC, who despite being stunning, could not find a boyfriend… because she voted for Trump! That tells you NYC is full of worthless men. She was also inspired by the VA restaurant that refused to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders. So basically, a-holes inspire good things hahaha. Righter, which launches later this month, is meant as an amorous safe space, but only for those who back the president. If you’re a liberal, Righter might actually sue you if you try to join. “I have a very nice legal team that will be handling that,” Lawton said. “This is zero tolerance.” “Bring it on,” Lawton said. “This is ridiculous. They’re sitting here suing our president.”

Next up, a bad man has been put to death in Texas. Joseph Garcia, 47, was the fourth of the infamous Texas 7 to be executed. Two more remain on death row and one had shot himself rather than be taken into custody. So this particular guy was in jail for fatally stabbing someone when he joined in a jailbreak plot with 6 other guys. They planned for months and managed to get out, dressing as guards and taking over the guard tower. Then they went on a crime spree, including robberies, and the murder of a cop who responded to a call about their robbery at a sporting store in Irving, Texas. Just before being executed the man apologized repeatedly for his crimes, which almost softens your heart to him, but then the report says his last words were: “Dear heavenly Father, please forgive them, for they know not what they do.” These are the words of Christ, spoken from the Cross as He died as truly innocent. This man is NOT innocent, and added blasphemy to his laundry list of sins. Lord have mercy.

And we’ve got a serious problem on our hands, folks. Many American students are told that their founders were evil men, despite the fact that their accomplishments brought more freedom to the world than any other group of humans in history. A growing number of politicians denounce the nation’s capitalist economic system, ignoring the solid reality that it has produced the greatest level of prosperity for the greatest number of people than anything else ever attempted.  Amazingly, despite a hundred-year record of utter failure throughout the world, socialism is now being advocated by many prominent figures. Further, 52% of millennials would prefer to live in a socialist (46%) or communist (6%) country than a capitalist (40%) one. That’s beat, yo. All that and more in our article, “Why Young Americans Are Giving Up on Capitalism.”

And hey, the Mueller Probe put out something about Michael Flynn—only problem is: There’re huge parts redacted, therefore, basically telling us nothing. “The defendant provided firsthand information about the content and context of interactions between the transition team and Russian government officials,” the memo addendum reads, but further on it says: “The defendant also provided useful information concerning…” but Mueller then redacted the following two paragraphs and it seem that we’ll never know “what useful information” Flynn has provided. Rep. John Ratcliffe from Texas says he has seen the goods and what’s being hidden doesn’t protect national security, but rather it protects the Obama Justice Department and the FBI. Fishy indeed. As far as I can tell this whole Russia crap is going to turn out to be what everyone already knows it is—a big ball of nothing.

And you may remember that we reported a few days ago, maybe last week, that China had quit buying our liquefied gas and some other good stuff. Well, good news: It looks like Trump was able to work out a deal with the Chinese president at this recent G20 summit in Argentina. The trade war has been put on hold for 90 days—time for the countries to work out a new deal. If a deal isn’t concluded by then, Washington will reinstate the tariffs. But, in the meantime, China will buy our shizzle again, although our farmers may have missed the window to get it on some sweet soybean selling action. But overall, methinks good news.

Alrighty, ladies and gents, that does it for the news for tonight. Before we hit that dusty trail, let’s take a look at tomorrow’s opinion piece. It’s got a rather provocative title: “Slavery as a Spiritual Good,” by Walt Garlington, and Garlington knows it. He begins: “Yes, friends, we are throwing caution to the winds today and jumping directly into the briar patch of political correctness, for there is still a great deal of hyperventilating nowadays over the South’s ‘peculiar institution’, ranging from groups like Black Lives Matter and the Southern Poverty Law Center to conservative Republican politicians and Evangelical Christians. All of them condemn Southern slavery as inhuman, evil, backwards, etc. because it denied black folks certain rights, the ability to achieve the American Dream, and so on and so forth. If man was made simply for materialistic ends, they would be right. As it is, however, this is not what man was made for, so their arguments miss the most important point. Man was made for union with God, for union with the All-Holy Trinity through union with Christ’s Church, which is His crucified, risen, ascended, and glorified Body. Everything that helps us achieve that end is a blessing; everything that hinders, a curse.  And what is one of the chief truths that the Apostles taught regarding the attainment of this wondrous salvation?” Well, I’m going to leave you hanging there so that you have to check out this piece tomorrow!

Good people! With that, I bid you adieu. Thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


Author: USA Really