Elementary School Teacher Charged With Sexual Assault of Students in Nebraska
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Elementary School Teacher Charged With Sexual Assault of Students in Nebraska


OMAHA – December 6, 2018

Pedophilia is a serious problem in the US, and this is fair to say not only about the “traditionally” criminal parts of the country--big cities like New York and Los Angeles, but also in case of quiet rural areas, where everybody basically knows one another. And now Nebraska is another good example of this social disease.

You never know who’s going to be teaching your kid in elementary school, but you do expect them to like heroes, opening up the wide world of education to them, to get them interested in the subjects they’ll continue to study as they grow up.

Unfortunately, teachers can sometimes become a student’s worst nightmare, harassing and assaulting them with explicit intentions. It shouldn't be tolerated by society, but that’s what happened at Fontenelle Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska when a first-grade teacher sexually assaulted one student multiple times, and possibly other students, according to Ohama police.

Gregory I. Sedlacek, 30, was booked into the Douglas County Jail Monday night on suspicion of first-degree sexual assault.

The arrest stems from a November 20 complaint by Fontenelle teachers to the Nebraska child abuse hotline. The teachers said they saw “inappropriate contact” that day between Sedlacek and a first-grade girl on the school playground, said Lt. Tracy Scherer. Sedlacek was placed on administrative leave that day, “immediately following reported concerns,” said Monique Farmer, a spokeswoman for Omaha Public Schools.

Omaha police did not begin their investigation until November 27 though, the same day OPS told officers there was security camera video of the inappropriate contact, which raises questions about the professionalism of local police investigators.

Calls to the hotline are reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency, in this case the Omaha Police Department. Scherer said that while the initial hotline complaint was credible, it alone did not alert police that the inappropriate contact was a criminal offense. After viewing the video, detectives believed that there was a criminal violation and arranged to interview the 7-year-old girl. Scherer did not detail the nature of the alleged playground assault, but first-degree sexual assault does involve penetration.

Since Sedlacek might have been involved in numerous counts of sexual assaults, this story is could garner attention at the federal level.

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