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The Good of Slavery?
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The Good of Slavery?


Hello hello and welcome once again to our USA Really daily podcast for December 6. We’re inching ever closer to Christmas, and I hope you all are getting ready. Of course, the best way to prepare for the birth of Christ is to try to be more like Christ. What better gift to Him could there be? Use this time before Christmas to focus on others, to focus on selflessness and humility and love. You’ll be glad you did. And for much of the Christian world, today is the feast of the great St. Nicholas, who is obviously loved around the world and who is a great example for us to follow in our endeavor to be more like Christ. So I greet you all with the joy of his feast! 

And now, before we jump into the articles, don’t forget that our Global Democracy Award contest has been EXTENDED until December 31, giving you another month to get us your original works about the US government’s interference in other countries! This is a serious contest, offering thousands of dollars to the winners! And we also still have our Zuckerberg Wanted action going, where we’re looking for solid evidence of the government enforcing illegal censorship online, and especially on social networks. If you have something solid, you could find yourself the happy owner of several thousands of dollars, so check this out now!

Let’s start things off, as always, with a look at our opinion piece for the day. It’s got a rather provocative title: “Slavery as a Spiritual Good,” by Walt Garlington, and Garlington knows it. He begins: “Yes, friends, we are throwing caution to the winds today and jumping directly into the briar patch of political correctness, for there is still a great deal of hyperventilating nowadays over the South’s ‘peculiar institution’, ranging from groups like Black Lives Matter and the Southern Poverty Law Center to conservative Republican politicians and Evangelical Christians. All of them condemn Southern slavery as inhuman, evil, backwards, etc. because it denied black folks certain rights, the ability to achieve the American Dream, and so on and so forth. If man was made simply for materialistic ends, they would be right. As it is, however, this is not what man was made for, so their arguments miss the most important point. Man was made for union with God, for union with the All-Holy Trinity through union with Christ’s Church, which is His crucified, risen, ascended, and glorified Body. Everything that helps us achieve that end is a blessing; everything that hinders, a curse.  And what is one of the chief truths that the Apostles taught regarding the attainment of this wondrous salvation?” Well, I’m going to leave you hanging there so that you have to check out this piece today!

Then let’s take a look back before looking at what’s going on today, with our “This Day in History” piece. On this day in 1846, the Battle of San Pasqual in the Mexican-American War was fought. Both sides actually claimed victory in this battle, and the outcome is still debated to this day. But hey, it’s on the border of CA and Mexico, just like the immigrant showdown today. And thankfully, casualties were low on both sides. And on this day in 1904, the Roosevelt Corollary laid a foundation for the US’s 20th-century foreign policy. It reads: “Chronic wrongdoing, or an impotence which results in a general loosening of the ties of civilized society, may in America, as elsewhere, ultimately require intervention by some civilized nation, and in the Western Hemisphere the adherence of the United States to the Monroe Doctrine may force the United States, however reluctantly, in flagrant cases of such wrongdoing or impotence, to the exercise of an international police power…” Aaaand on this day just last year, we recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which was of course welcomed by Jews and rejected by a bunch of other groups and world leaders. Our embassy there was officially opened back in May of this year.

First up, let’s take a look at a news piece from yesterday: “The Euphoria Didn’t Even Last Two Days: US Stock Exchange Gripped by Financial Panic.” So, at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, President Trump and Chinese President XI Jinping agreed to suspend the trade war for ninety days. However, the positive mood in the market did not last long. It took only 2 days for the US stock indices to fall by more than 3%. In particular, the high-tech Nasdaq lost 3.8%, the Dow Jones just over 3%, and the S&P 500 broad market index collapsed by 3.25%. The vast majority of shares were in the red zone, and the leaders of the decline were high-tech giants. Amazon collapsed by almost 6%, Apple by 4.5%, Google by almost 5%, and Netflix by more than 5%. Thus, not only was the rapid growth of the beginning of this week caused by the trade truce between the US and China nullified, but also the growth of the end of last week.

And hey folks, there was a new sort of Batman on the loose in Texas for a bit. Well, he didn’t have a costume and cool toys and all that, but he fancied himself a vigilante. Juan David Ortiz was even a Border Patrol agent, and, well, he just didn’t think cops were doing enough to stop prostitution, so he decided to pick a few women up and shoot them in the heads. It’s amazing and scary to me that anyone could think this way—prostitutes are making the city bad, so I’ll go on a killing spree? How does that make the city a nicer place? Anyways, this guy was caught when one woman managed to escape and go to the cops for help. Ortiz at least fessed right up to his scumbag ways. And now they’re seeking the death penalty for him. He killed four women in all. Check out our piece, “Border Patrol agent who confessed to killing four women is charged with capital murder in Texas,” for all the details.

Then we got another whackadoo: “Elementary school teacher charged with sexual assault of students in Nebraska.” Yup, some other teachers at the school saw the teacher’s inappropriate contact with a SEVEN-YEAR-OLD GIRL on the playground. They alerted an abuse hotline which alerted the cops. However, the cops didn’t do anything until they were later told there is security camera footage of the inappropriate contact. Now this loser is being charged with first-degree sexual assault. While we don’t know the full details of this case, first-degree does mean penetration. And he’s suspected of doing the same with other students as well. How people can be so messed up, I don’t know. Lord have mercy on these little children who are sure to be scarred from this!

And some encouraging news from Augusta, Maine: “Transgender teen who killed parents sentenced to 40 years.” So, some dude says he feels like a girl but was getting no support from his parents, so he snapped and stabbed them to death on Halloween in 2016. Thankfully, the judge wasn’t buying that BS and threw 40 years at the dude, noting that plenty of people struggle with such feelings and don’t go around killing people. But, you see, this is one of the man problems with society pushing such ideology—when people, like parents, resist, the transgender person is so sure they’re right, because of society’s encouragement, that their parents MUST be awful, hateful people. It’s extreme, but it’s not an illogical extension of what’s going on. This guy thankfully didn’t kill his brother, and the brother asked the judge to be strict, also claiming the transgender excuse is BS. It’s good to see, every now and then, people not caving to PC bull crap.

And hey, you know liberals and the media love to bash Trump for literally ANYTHING. The latest thing is that he took a motorcade to meet with former President George W. Bush across the street from the White House. CAN’T HE WALK, liberals want to know?! The only thing is—the President has a freaking security team with him at all times. How do people not realize that he doesn’t make decisions like this a lot/most of the time? Even Michelle Obama writes in her new book that the security detail would sometimes ask her and Obama to take a motorcade across the street when they could have easily walked. That’s just how it is. But haters gonna hate.

And that’s the whole news enchilada for today. Let’s give you a sneak peek of tomorrow’s opinion piece and then get on out of here! It’s called “Betrayed not Betrothed,” and it’s by Charles Lee Gillenwater. It’s on everyone’s favorite topic of RussiaGate witch hunting! CAUSE THE RUSSIANS ARE EVILLLLLL. He writes: “The latest development in the RussiaGate saga, which has kept America spellbound for over a year, are recirculated rumors of an impending arrest of Republican-operative Paul Erickson for his role in the Russian meddling of the 2016 election. Erickson, the strange, if not estranged, lover of the alleged Russian spy Maria Butina, was notified, way back in September, by federal investigators that he may be charged under Title 18 U.S.C. 951: Agents of foreign governments.” Yup, he could be charged with conspiring, but he’s refusing to testify before the US Senate Intelligence Committee that had tricked his girlfriend into making statements they could later use against her. While it appears that Paul Erickson is a poor businessman, and an irresponsible custodian of money, we will have to wait and see how this drama plays out. Will he betray his lover, yielding to a burden of enormous debts and criminal charges of fraud, passing bad-checks, or maybe even Treason, choosing instead to take a plea deal to save his own skin, one which requires him to implicate Ms. Butina, even if she is innocent? Will Ms. Butina experience betrayal instead of betrothal?

And hey all yin’s out there. It is not time for us to shutter up the barn and close this thing down for the night. As always, thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


Author: USA Really