Metal Fan Dies at the Show in Milwaukee
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Metal Fan Dies at the Show in Milwaukee



Swedish heavy metal band Ghost canceled the remainder of their show yesterday at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, WI after a fan tragically passed away mid-way through their performance.

Witnesses claim that a man passed out and was eventually attended to by EMTs. Although CPR was performed for a substantial amount of time, personnel were unable to revive him.

The Medical Examiner told reporters that the victim died at the hospital of apparent natural causes while no other details have been released.

Fans described a chaotic scene, and say many were angry afterward.

"A lot of people were upset...not being disrespectful, but I paid, and I only got half a show," Simon Massey said.

Later, the band has issued the following statement via their Facebook in which they briefly addressed the situation:

"Tonight, in Milwaukee there was a medical emergency with one of our fans. We decided not to continue out of respect for him and his family. Ghost and all who work with us ask that you, please send the family your thoughts, prayers and respect their privacy during this time."

Band’s post received hundreds of comments.

One Facebook user said, “I was there, and he collapsed next to me. He was a very heavy set man, and it was very hot inside the Riverside.”

“It was hot in there, ac should have been cranked way cooler," another commenter confirmed.

Some of the band’s fans (or ghouls, as they like to be referred to), took to Reddit to explain the event that took place.

“I was there trying to help him before security came over. He was semi-conscious, and then he stopped breathing. I couldn’t find a pulse. That’s when security started CPR. I’m angry at the incompetent security people at the venue, especially the woman doing CPR on him—she wasn’t doing it correctly. And they pushed me away before I could do more,” said one of the witnesses.

“Too many people were being horribly disrespectful and not moving when the security guards told them to make way for the EMT’s and cops,” explained another user.

“I was in the pit. I was talking to somebody in the extended intermission, and they said he was down for fifteen minutes before paramedics got to him. For reference, once they're down, you've got ten minutes to save them. I hate to say this, but he was probably gone before they got to him. It's very troubling. I'm still processing the whole thing,” says one of the comments.

“As someone that was in the pit, the directions were SO unclear. I was approximately in the middle of the pit. There was a point where people moved over, and someone said, "A guy passed out," so we are standing there, squished together. Then, a few minutes later, security is screaming for us to "Get out of the pit" with no further instructions or directions. A simple announcement over the PA would have been sufficient to say that a medical emergency had occurred and for people to clear the pit. Then, once we were able to get out of the pit area, we were screamed at to "Get out of the aisle!". There was no place for us to go. At this point, I thought about just leaving, but wasn't sure that they were letting people leave. This whole event was utter chaos from the point we lined up until the time we left,” another fan added.

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