The Strange Sounds Phenomenon Annoy Residents in the USA
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The Strange Sounds Phenomenon Annoy Residents in the USA


PENNSYLVANIA — June 1, 2018

Unidentified blast waves have been rippling through rural Pennsylvania in recent days. Residents discovered a four-or five-foot-wide crater, about a foot deep, alongside a back road shaded by dense trees. Other similar craters have been found in the same area.

Such blasts have been heard by at least 19 other people in Upper Bucks and Lehigh counties since April 2. Police, army and ATF investigators are at a loss to publicly explain what might have caused the blasts. Here's what we know so far, according to statements by the state police. All the blasts usually occur between 1 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. and nobody has been injured so far. There have been some unconfirmed theories flying around that claim the explosions are intentional and are not caused by geological aftereffects or other natural phenomena.

A spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, Charlene Hennessy says that the blasts may invovle e cases of illegal arms sales or other explosives. For example, a group of thrill-seekers gathered 164 pounds of Tannerite (an explosive used in to create exploding targets) in a plastic bin and stuck it inside an abandoned barn. The barn was then completely obliterated. “I would not be surprised if that's what we’re hearing the explosions about,” Hennessy said. But still, some locals believe that the nighttime blasts may be an echo of unidentified objects falling from the sky or perhaps strange climatic effects.

As Pennsylvania resident, Nick Zangli noted, “We shoot guns and pop fireworks up here for fun, but this was above and beyond, perplexed, outside his Upper Black Eddy home.” He’s not the only one baffled — and that was hardly the only mystery blast. Another resident, Sue Crompton said an April 30 blast shook the earth and rattled the windows in her home. “It practically knocked me out of bed,” Crompton said. “Your mind goes to meteorites or people making bombs. I just don’t want anyone to get hurt.” “Probably, kids that come up with a formula to blow stuff up, and you know it’s cool to watch something blow up,” she added. “But you could kill somebody in the process.” Such strange sounds from the sky have also scared residents in California, Minnesota, and Southampton (UK). According to them, it sounds like a trumpet voice or a brass band. Physics professor Jean-Pierre St. Maurice said that it was an electromagnetic noise from auroras and radiation belts. NASA argued that those were natural radio emissions.“If people had cloth line instead of ears, we would hear an amazing symphony of strange sounds coming from our planet. Scientists call it an “atmospheric noise” or “atmospherics,” said specialists.

An alien theory representative believes that UFOs may be to blame for such sounds. The representative claims aliens are collecting information about us and sending it back to their extraterrestrial base. Of course, none of these theories have been proven and the strange sounds continue to be a subject of speculation for many.

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