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Fun With Teachers: One Goes Around Banning Christmas, Another is Canned for Common Sense
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Fun With Teachers: One Goes Around Banning Christmas, Another is Canned for Common Sense


Well, well, well. Fancy seeing you all here! Thanks for joining us here on our USA Really daily podcast with today’s edition for December 11. That date means from today it’s only two weeks until Christmas—that wondrous holiday filled with good cheer and good food and good gifts and good family time. But, of course, many of us know that all those things are not the true point of Christmas, but merely a means of celebrating the true point, which is the possibility of our salvation because of the birth of Jesus Christ. Our opinion piece for today will talk about some of this stuff, and, as always, we’ve got a slew of hot and fresh news pieces for you!

First some good ol’ announcements: Before we jump into the articles, don’t forget that our Global Democracy Award contest has been EXTENDED until December 31, giving you another month to get us your original works about the US government’s interference in other countries! This is a serious contest, offering thousands of dollars to the winners! And we also still have our Zuckerberg Wanted action going, where we’re looking for solid evidence of the government enforcing illegal censorship online, and especially on social networks. If you have something solid, you could find yourself the happy owner of several thousands of dollars, so check this out now!

Okay, housekeeping done. Let’s get on with the articles. Our opinion piece for today is called “The Christmas Season as Preparation” and it’s by Jesse Dominick. In this piece he looks at the traditional Christian practice of preparing for holidays beforehand and celebrating them afterwards, and at this Advent period in particular as our way to prepare to meet Christ on His Nativity. Of course, our modern society has us celebrating Christmas already two months before it even happens—with Christmas parties and all kinds of things in the weeks leading up to the holiday itself. When the actual content of the holiday—Christ’s birth—is the actual focus of the holiday for you, and when you believe, as do Orthodox Christians, that we actually encounter and experience God as we celebrate such holidays in Church, then you understand that such celebrations require preparation. Check out this piece today to find out more about how to do that.

Then we’ve got our “This Day in History” piece with a couple of items for you there, including the birth on this day in 1887 of the famous reform mayor of New York Fiorello H. La Guardia, who served three consecutive terms. He was known to clean up corruption and make the city responsible for its citizens and was greatly respected. And on this day in 1941, Italy declared war on the US in response to its declaration of war on Japan for its attack on Pearl Harbor. America responded by immediately declaring war on the two Axis powers. There’re more details on those stories there and some other stories for you, so be sure to check out this very informative piece!

Then we’ve got a piece on liberal insanity run rampant in our schools: “High School Teacher Fired for Refusing to Use Transgender Student’s Preferred Pronoun.” The long and the short of it is, the teacher is a Christian, and that means he believes in reality and not giving in to everyone’s psychological sicknesses and delusions and to the moral degradation of our society, and, well, the school district just couldn’t have someone actually standing for something! The school board actually voted 5-0 to can the teacher. Can you believe that? Not a single school board member had an ounce of common sense or a pair of balls to stand up for the truth! Lord have mercy on us!

Well, the stupidity in American schools continues, this time with a principal in Nebraska banning a whole slew of Christmas items because she’s a poor snowflake and can’t handle any religious symbolism. So she banned Santas, Christmas trees, Christmas carols, reindeer, red/green items, and so on. And the best is that she banned candy canes because she thinks they’re shaped like a J for Jesus and the red is Christ’s blood and the white His Resurrection. Only thing is, that’s completely historically inaccurate. But good on the school district—they placed this tool on leave and undid all her bans. Christmas is here to stay folks, get used to it!

And then here’s something disturbing—two Ohioans were arrested recently for plotting terror attacks. These two are unrelated, but they were both caught because they openly put things on social media about admiring the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and ISIS and admiring Dylann Roof and all that. So these aren’t the brightest bulbs. They also both spoke to undercover FBI agents about their plans. The guy wanted to do an imitation synagogue shooting and kill as many as possible and the chick had planned to shoot up a bar or her work. Authorities say they caught the two in enough time and there was never an actual imminent threat to the public, but thank God these two were so stupid and got caught for it! Check it all out in our piece, ““Terrorism comes in many forms”: FBI arrests 2 Ohioans, accused of terror plots.

Next up: “New data shows asylum claims spiking at U.S. ports of entry.” The number of migrants requesting asylum at ports of entry at the Mexican border doubled in financial year 2018 from the previous year, according to Customs and Border Protection data released on Monday. U.S. Customs and Border Protection released the figures Monday reflecting the first step in the asylum process. The agency fielded nearly 93,000 claims of so-called "credible fear" in the 2018 fiscal year ending Sept. 30, up 67% from the previous year. The claims accounted for 18% of all people arrested or stopped at the border, up from 13%. It was the first time it released such figures. Meanwhile the new data also shows the percentage of foreigners who entered the country illegally before requesting asylum was the same in 2018. Now, as you can imagine, both sides are using this data to their advantage. So check out this piece and see how the info is used, what it means, where we’re headed, and all that.

Then we’ve got some nuns behaving badly. Apparently a principal and a teacher at a Catholic school were embezzling big money from the school to travel to and gamble in Vegas. The pictures of these two are amazing—they look 100% like normal women. I don’t understand modern Catholic monasticism. How are you nun if you dress like normal people and live a normal life in every way? What makes you a nun? I don’t get it. Anyways, they took a buttload, but the school doesn’t want to press charges because their order has agreed to pay it all back. The Archdiocese does say it could be a complaining party though, so we’ll see what happens there. But come on, the life of a monk or nun is supposed to be about prayer, repentance, the search for humility. Get to a monastery and start praying!

And that is the news for today—sorry, nothing too uplifting there, but that’s reality sometimes. But as always, we’d like to end our podcast with a look at our opinion piece for tomorrow. It’s called “Brave New World as we “Faceoff with Facebook” – But what’s the Alternative?” and it’s by Jeffrey K. Silverman. He writes: “Facebook is not really anybody’s friend and that is becoming too obvious, not only in terms of internet censorship and their so-called community standards; they are most selective at whom they block. This begs the question as “who is really behind the curtain?” Coincidence or not, two of my publishing outlets: Veterans Today, VT, and USA Really are both blocked—their links cannot be shared by Facebook.  I guess that says something good about me, and the company that I keep, or that I keep VERY BAD company and I am not a very politically expedient or correct person—even a useful idiot. My social media savvy friend was curious as why my publishing sites were blocked, “Did VT or USA Really post anti-FB propaganda or something?”  I explained that it was more complicated than that and based on being one of many alternative media sites which are on the wrong side of political expediency; you don’t make friends by speaking truth to power.” Indeed, speaking truth in today’s world can certainly get us in trouble. But check out this piece tomorrow to find out more about Facebook’s dirty laundry and how they really treat their users.

And make sure to check out the next part in our “Voting Problems, Fraud, Scandals Plague Polling Places Across America,” this time on Minnesota. There’s more of the same fun stupidity and problems that have plagued all the other states we’ve covered.

Well alrighty folks, that’ll do it for the day and we’re going to head out until tomorrow. We hope you all have a pleasant rest of the day, and thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


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