The Real Reason America's Corrupt Elites Support Gay Pride Month
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The Real Reason America's Corrupt Elites Support Gay Pride Month


According to the official proclamation issued by then President Barack Obama in the year 2009, the month of June is officially now known in the United States as “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month.” For the next 30 days, parades will be held in cities and towns across this great nation of ours in which diseased homosexuals, unpassable transvestites, butch lesbians, and a motley crew of other assorted sexual perverts will dance on floats on the main streets of every major and minor city in America, clad in tight leather outfits and strap on dildos while passing out condoms to smiling eight year old children. Children who will have been brought to the parade by their own parents. Parents who willing inform them that all of the behavior, no matter how perverse or depraved, they are witnessing is completely normal and healthy. And not only is it normal, but it is also praiseworthy, “brave,” and worthy of continuous celebration, in addition, anyone foolish enough to dissent from this transparently insane groupthink can not only expect to be shamed, insulted and “unpersoned” but also to be fired from their place of work and relegated to a life of destitution.

In light of such bizarre mania it’s hard to believe that only little more than a decade ago there was still serious talk of passing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would ban homosexual marriage and maintain the sanctity of traditional matrimony from the depredations of sexual perverts.What happened to the America so many of us once loved and respected? And how did it happen so quickly?

One could, of course, write many volumes detailing the rapid decline of American society that has taken place over the past 50 or so years. Although, as our liberal priest class of journalistic ideologues who now serve as the commissars and thought police of our liberal regime never tire of telling us: materially things have never been better for average Americans. After all, even though real wages, they argue, have plummeted for much of the middle and working  classes while the cost of basic goods like health care, housing and education have skyrocketed, this is more than made up for by the decrease in the price of other goods like cheap chinese electronics, fast food, and digital entertainments like Netflix. Granted these cheap consumer goods mainly appeal, not to traditional American families, but to the childless singles and the affluent but sterile couples who now congregate in America’s cosmopolitan urban enclaves. Places where they are free to pursue tedious lives dedicated to office work, weekend binge drinking, promiscuity, sexual perversions, and the slavish regurgitation of the laughably shallow platitudes espoused by middle-brow liberal academics and journalists who, amusingly, still somehow consider themselves “intellectuals.”

The degenerate lifestyle being advocated for by America’s ruling regime is, of course, based upon the lifestyles of homosexuals (it is surely not a coincidence that many popular American television series such as “Friends” and “Sex and the City,” which promoted this lifestyle, were written and produced by Homosexuals.) This begins to make more sense once you understand homosexuality as the ideal identity for American consumers in the eyes of the elite class. As homosexuals have no families, thus making them ideal office drones who can dedicate as much time as necessary to the needs of their corporate employers and they also are famous for their expensive and ostentatious spending habits, which helps to grow an economies  like America’s, which are now based solely on consumer spending.

But what of those Americans who wish to live their lives in a more normal and sane manner? Americans who aspire to work hard, raise a family, attend church, and perhaps even one day buy a modest house in a safe neighborhood? Well according to the conventional (but still mostly unspoken) wisdom of America’s current progressive priest class (journalists) unless they are in the top percentiles of wage earners, they are basically out of luck. Unless, of course, they wish to raise their families in conditions of miserable poverty. Why not instead, argue our progressive high priests, pursue a more affordable existence, previously pioneered by homosexuals, in an urban paradise of tasty artisanal foods, plentiful casual sex, and endless cheap entertainments? It is obvious that many Americans have been forced, due to the economic policies pursued by liberal ideologues, to take their advice whether they want to or not, as was recently evidenced by a stunning report showing that American birthrates have now hit a record, all-time low. 

Plummeting  birthrates for regular Americans are, of course, music to the ears of America’s progressive priest class, who simply plan on importing cheaper, and more easily exploitable Central and South American workers to replace the native born Americans who are no longer being born. Not only will this arraignment enrich their corporate allies by letting them exploit the labor of poor, desperate migrant workers, they also wager it will allow them to soon dominate the American political system with a flood of new voters. After which they can finally realize their ultimate goal of the complete transformation of American society, a transformation which will culminate in the final liquidation of the American Middle Class along with its traditional Christian culture and values that are so hated and feared by liberal fanatics.

After this liquidation of traditional culture takes place, those remaining will be sorted into two groups: the “valuable” and “unvaluable.” The valuable will consist of those with above average intelligence who will then be sent to prosperous urban areas where, during the day, they will work office or technology related jobs, while at night they will live and participate in a lifestyle which is essentially homosexual in character, if not in practice. Although indeed many may ultimately choose to become homosexual in practice, as, in the long run, it is likely that all exclusively heterosexual behaviors will become increasingly demonized as the ascendent feminist and homosexual ideology seeks to stamp out the remaining vestiges of the former heteronormative culture. The “unvaluable,” those possessing average to below average intelligence, will be relegated to lives of squalor, poverty, and violence. As the normal employment that had traditionally sustained them is either automated or outsourced to foreign markets and their social fabric continues to unravel under the assault of a liberal culture industry bent on its destruction. Thus, the lives of this class of “unvaluables” will increasingly come to resemble the violence and drug fueled ghetto culture of America’s historically marginalized and exploited African American community.

Hence we can now see the real reason behind the rush by America’s ruling Globalist elites to force the legitimization of LGBT pathology down the throats of normal Americans: it is the perfect vehicle with which to bring about the society of insect-like, atomized, slave consumers they so eagerly desire.

Author: P.D. Corday