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Deep State vs. USA Really
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Deep State vs. USA Really


June 4, 2018

The case surrounding the suppression, or outing, if you will, of 'USA Really' might be looked at closely, and at the end of the day described as just one more instance where certain political powers have shoved themselves into the democratic processes of the American people. As it goes, and yet again there are these forces bent on the suppression of expression and speech - basic 1st amendment stuff here. This project hasn't even officially started yet, but the deep state and the security services have already launched into their standard defamation campaign, and have started up again with their typical tropes and tired labels that we saw pop up around the time of the last presidential election, where any line contrary to the anti-constitutional and pro-imperialist one is magically 'fake news'. 

Deep State vs. USA Really

The reality is that 'USA Really' is simply an honest and open platform, based on giving a large public platform to Americans - dissidents, patriots, radicals, and 'regular folk' of yesterday who suddenly today find themselves considered 'bots', 'trolls' and whatever other slander and dirt that the behemoth can throw at them.

And in the coming weeks, the nature of this new platform will be proven again and again, despite this fresh round of attacks from poorly informed or perhaps just paid-off critics working in service of the deep state. 

Let's try to explain something.

In our democratic society, at least as we were raised to believe and think, freedom of speech is welcomed. This is supposed to be one of our core values, and indeed it ought to be even if it's been seemingly cast aside in recent years. Any opinions, perspectives, criticisms, and so on are supposed to be discussed openly and freely, with the exception of advocating violence against people, defamation, or disingenuous sales pitches. 

When social networking platforms first emerged out of the birth of the internet itself, we understood that these were to make our lives more easy, our work more effective, to empower us through our personal communications, to share information - indeed, at first it was all greatly appreciated. But today the reality is different. Just try to start up and run a website with an alternative point of view on different issues, and you'll feel the glowing hot branding iron of censorship. If your site is critical of the current political situation, you can be absolutely sure that censorship will be well organized, and yes, these come as direct orders from the responsible agencies of the intelligence services, legacy media, and the deep state. 

So this recent example, where on Saturday June 2nd, the Facebook page for 'USA Really' was deleted for no discernible reason. The account of the individual who registered the page was also deleted.



Deep State vs. USA Really

A similar situation happened with the Twitter account also - suddenly it was marked as a 'dangerous source' and all the posts were filtered and became invisible to followers. The standard 'shadow ban' approach is also no doubt in play in other spheres. 

Deep State vs. USA Really

And just days before, it just so happened that a random website run out of Ukraine claimed that 'USA Really' was just a "Russian influence operation". The facts and opinions surrounding these were scarce in detail, but they circulated from one source to another. 

But is any 'Russian connection' really what's crucial in this case? It's really not. When we last checked, the USSR had collapsed, globalization was in full swing, and a new system of openness, democracy, transparency, rule of law, fairness, and interdependence emerged - indeed based on certain core principles, yes - just like freedom of speech. There's not supposed to be an iron curtain anymore, those days were supposed to be behind us. The world of spy vs. spy, anti-Russian operations, special forces missions, and a permanent military industrial complex engulfing the general gestalt of the American psyche was, we were told, long gone and past us. The idea of global media, in today's post Cold-War order, means that relevant media can pop up anywhere. The basic idea of freedom of expression and freedom of speech is premised upon the notion that free individuals are also free thinking citizens, who can read things and determine on their own what they find credible, useful, interesting, and so on. These are supposed to be the rules of the game, and that's what should be followed. The old media system of a small monopoly of legacy networks still operate based on the needs of corporate and special interest groups - but this model is obsolete and no longer works. Even with the dominance of the boys club over at Silicon Valley, it's no longer possible to maintain a simple black and white picture of the world for the narrow interests of this or that power clique. NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and the like, are all dying models, but models tightly controlled by many of the same firms that control the biggest firms in the military industrial complex. This is common knowledge. 

The current political crisis with Russia alone, as well as with China, Iran, North Korea, Turkey, Venezuela (the list goes on and on), pushes the American establishment to act with outright hostility and resorts to played-out anti Russian, or anti-Chinese rhetoric. It really harkens back to the worst and darkest days of the Cold War, with its fake patriotism and cheap Reaganesque jingoism. 

At the end of the day, the US is a country that has become home to people from all over the world - England, Ireland, Germany, the Slavic world, Jewish migrants, from Africa, the second wave of migrants from Asia, and our neighbors from Latin America. All of these people have joined together in this melting pot we call America, while at the same time enjoying our diversity. So when national leaders from Washington talk about the shared and common goals, and global responsibility, it sounds like an invitation to other countries to build democracy with all of its requisite attributes and mechanisms. But when we are confronted with these witch-hunts with bizarre Orwellian and McCarthyite overtones, the words feel and sound like something mechanically transmitted from the loud speakers of a problematic political machine.  And we wind up feeling that we don't really really know the real political goals of elites who use our democratic and inclusive traditions as some facade to hide their real motives. 

Before we're able to even look at what they're doing, they have us - the citizens - on the defensive to prove our patriotism. But real patriots are those who challenge their own government when it's doing something wrong, just as they follow it when it's doing right. There's no doubt now that many things the government and the corporatocracy are doing is plainly wrong, and our civic duty is not only to be critical of it, but to raise adequate questions. How can this be done in an environment of tension, political divisions, censorship, the paranoia and intrusions of the secret services, and the increasing jingoist fanaticism of legacy media? The answer is simple. Let's do it together with USA Really. This exciting new project will encourage our colleagues and fellow citizens to think critically, and to provide a large platform where this can still happen, free of censorship. We need to be creative, to start our own watchdog organizations, and restore our basic constitutional freedoms.  The key to being able to do that, starts with the fight for freedom of speech.

Author: USA Really