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A Feather in USA Really’s Cap, and Taking the Gov’t for All Their Worth!
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A Feather in USA Really’s Cap, and Taking the Gov’t for All Their Worth!


Hello, hello, and welcome to our USA Really daily podcast for December 13. Only 12 days until Christmas! I’ve said it before, but man! Time really is just flying. And as time flies, so does the news, so we’ve got a number of fun pieces for you today, and even some major news for our USA Really agency that you’ll definitely be interested in!

And for all our regular listeners, you know the deal with our daily announcements: Don’t forget to check out our Global Democracy Award contest, on the theme of the US government’s interference in other states, and our Zuckerberg Wanted action where we’re looking for you to hook us up with some sweet evidence of the government being a pain in the butt and enforcing illegal censorship online. Both of these items could your bring you several thousand dollars, so check them both out today!

Alrighty, everyone, let’s get this thing rocking with a look at today’s opinion piece. It’s called “The Catch-all word in American policy discussions is now “Hate”” and it’s by Seraphim Hanisch. He writes: “In recent years the American media’s “buzzword” in political discourse is “hatred.” This word, presented in its various forms, serves as an effective show-stopper in some people’s minds, easily drawn out and used, not to win a debate, but to prevent one. At first it seemed that this term was used almost exclusively by the Left against conservatives, most notably Christians who adhered to traditional values-based Christianity rather than the “new” expressions that espouse everything from legalized narcotics to homosexuality and everything in between. Such people were termed not only as “haters”, but also as “racists”, “bigots” and other terms that were designed again, not to win the debate, but to prevent it. It worked remarkably well. A Christian, faced with being called a “hateful person” usually found himself or herself in the position to try to defend themselves against the label of “hateful” and the consequent discussion of the issue was lost.” Hanisch also takes you, the reader, through a short history of this phenomenon and talks about how its developed and where we’re headed, and what it means for discourse in America. Check it out!

And don’t forget to check out daily slice of history in our “This Day in History” piece. Today we’ve got the formation of the first military units in what would become the US, the settling of the US-Mexico border dispute, and some other important events, and of course there’re much more details on all of this, so check out the piece for the full story.

So hey, how about that big news for USA Really I mentioned? Well, our Chief Editor Alexander Malkevich has been included in the list of the TOP-15 most influential journalists in November. Alexander Malkevich came in 8th in the ranking, earning 5547.3 points. Medialogia ranking is based upon the citation index (CI), which tallies the number of information resource links in other media outlets and assesses how influential the link-publisher’s resource is. It is calculated using a mathematical-linguistic text analysis of more than 47,000 open sources. By way of comparison, Russia Today’s editor came in 2nd, so woohoo for us!

So it looks like Cohen got a 3-year prison sentence, which is actually lighter than the 4-5 year sentence recommended by federal guidelines. Trump’s former lawyer pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations involving hush payments to two women and for lying to Congress. He said Donald Trump "led me to take a path of darkness instead of light.” So he was sentenced to three years for the payments, which violated campaign finance law, and to two months for the false statements to Congress. The two terms will run concurrently. Now, look, assuming this stuff about the hush payments is true—which would not be surprising at all considering Trump’s character—it only further shows that he’s not the best guy personally.  Do I like a lot of his policies? Sure. Do I want him to be my child’s Godfather? Not a chance. BUT. Come on, how on earth does this hush money constitute a campaign finance law violation? That’s absolutely absurd. Trump’s team contends he would have paid the women off whether or not he was running for President, and that’s completely logical. Insanity all around us!

Next up, “The Silent Epidemic,” about the sad rise of gun deaths in the country and especially with cases of suicide. Apparently 40,000 people were killed in shootings last year, which is the highest in 20 years. Sure, the mass shootings get all the media attention, but most of these people are dying in isolated cases of gang or domestic violence, or, as we said, suicide. And even though America has only 12 gun deaths per 100,000 people, think about the fact that Japan has only 0.3! And just 6 countries in the world are responsible for more than half of all the gun deaths, and America is one of them—the others? Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, and Guatemala. Good company, isn’t it? But as for suicide: We are literally drowning in entertainment, and yet we are far less happy than previous generations. Why is the suicide rate so high in the country? The authorities have no answer, only repeating their mantra that this rise in suicide is a “tragedy” and that we must increase “prevention efforts”…

And we all love Christmas and New Year’s, don’t we? That magical holiday time. Well, apparently it’s a time for a lot of sicknesses, injuries, and even deaths, which we tackle in our piece, “Christmas and New Year’s are best time to die.” For example, Swedish scientists have found that people are most at risk of suffering a heart attack on December 24, or Christmas Eve, than any other day during the holiday season, says a study published on Wednesday in the medical journal BMJ. According to the study, peak risk occurred around 10:00 pm on Christmas Eve. On that day, the risk of a heart attack was "37% higher than during the control period," which accounted for two weeks before and after a holiday. And people often suffer from food or alcohol poisoning during the Christmas holidays--Christmas dinner ends this way for every fifth resident in America, statistics show. The culprit is often turkey or leftovers eaten gradually throughout the holidays. So keep that in mind this holiday season, folks! Be careful!

Next up, we’ve got a piece on both the dangers of bullying, and of the disgusting anti-Trump hatred that is rampant in our society, at least certainly in the media. One poor 11-year-old boy with the last name Trump has been so mercilessly bullied at school that his parents had to withdraw him and homeschool him for a year. They hoped things would be better when he returned to school, but the bullying has still been so bad that the child has to go by a different last name now. He even says he hates himself and his name—which is obviously very scary for his parents. This is what unrestricted hatred towards all things Trump brings us. This poor kid is being tormented even though he has no relation at all to the President. However, people have taken to social media to call on the President to invite the boy to the White House, which I think is a cool idea. Get all the details in our piece, “11-Year-Old Forced to Change “Trump” Last Name Due to Bullying at School.”

And get ready Californians—you could soon be paying a surcharge for every text message you send! Now, this doenst include FB and What’s App and all that—just text messages, but still, that could be a pretty penny for some people! And it gets better—they’re even talking about enacting this retroactively—people would have to pay a charge on every text from the past 5 years! That’s sure to make people happy. But there is a bright side—ultimately the money is meant to go to help poor people get phones, but still, overall, this is bunk. It would be better to just get the word out about programs providing phones to poor people and get donations, rather than forcing people to pay for them. Anyways, we’ve got that whole story in “California Hopes to Tax Text Messages: What? Who? Why?”

Here’s one that’s crazy, but also kind of impressive in a way. A former employee at Langley Air Force Base admitted Wednesday that she bilked the federal government out of $1.46 million — mainly by faking the amount of overtime she worked over 17 years--42,847 hours between December 2001 and July 2018. She billed the department for 137 overtime hours in one two-week period one time! She started out small, but got bolder. Although, once Trump sent some audit guys she got nervous and knew the jig was up. She says she just spent the money on normal things for herself and her family—no luxury items, but that doesn’t really change anything, of course. Although, they might take it easy on her because she admitted her guilt right away and cooperated with the investigation. I guess she knew she was sunk and there was nothing she could do about it. She’s a crook, but dang she got it away with it for so long and took so much money! She’s got skills. Check it all out in our article, “Langley Air Force Base employee cheated the Department for 17 years until Trump's audit.”

Well that about rounds things out for the news today. Let’s take a sneak peek at tomorrow’s opinion piece and wrap things up. It’s called “Americans Everywhere Should Support the Gilets Jaunes,” and it’s by K. E. Benois. He writes: “American media seems to have taken painstaking effort to give the massive protests in Paris as little coverage as possible, but by now most people are aware of the facts. A protest over a hike in fuel prices by the exceedingly smarmy president Emmanuel Macron, has exploded into full scale civil disobedience relating to a number of grievances including mass migration and membership in NATO. This protest of men and women in yellow high visibility vests (leading to the name Gilets Jaunes) has gripped the country and brought its capital to a standstill as the president has dug in at his residence and ordered mass arrests and, if necessary, the shooting of civilians who have been accused of attempting to launch a ‘putzsch’. Of course, famous neocons have immediately concluded that truth is to be found in the claim that somehow Russia masterminded this protest, again rather foolishly allying themselves to unlikable representative of the worst that European bankster arrogance can muster. Such things should of course be laughed at.” So what’s going on here? Extreme rightists? Extreme leftists? A revolution? Well, check out this piece to find out all the necessary details!

And with that, we wrap things up for the night. Thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


Author: USA Really