Heart in the Sky
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Heart in the Sky


DALLAS – December 14, 2018

A flight to Dallas had to return to Seattle last weekend when it became known that someone forgot a heart on board, Southwest Airlines said on Thursday.

Flight 3606 arrived in Seattle from Sacramento, California.

Someone forgot to unload the heart before the flight left for Dallas, and the captain announced that they had to return as they flew over Idaho, reported the Seattle Times.

The heart had traveled from California to Washington state, across Idaho and back to Washington, according to the Times. The Southwest flight spent about three hours in the air before landing back at Sea-Tac Airport.

Southwest didn’t provide the name of the company that shipped the human heart, but confirmed that it specialized in shipments that are “life critical,” the Times reported. But no Seattle-area hospitals claimed to be involved, according to the paper.

Deanna Santa, of Sierra Donor Services, in Sacramento, Calif., said the organ procurement organization sent the heart with a messenger, who picked it up in Sacramento to be sent to Seattle.

The delay did not affect the use of the organ and no patient needed it imminently.

The flight took off again in the direction of Dallas after a delay of five hours.

Following the flight’s return to Seattle, the heart was taken to a donor health center for tissue storage and was said to have been received within the required time frame.

Author: USA Really