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Perverted Snakes on a Plane!
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Perverted Snakes on a Plane!


Well bless your little hearts and thank you for joining us on this wonderful Friday edition of our USA Really daily podcast for December 14. Let’s keep our countdown to Christmas going—just 11 days to go! Have you all done your shopping? Don’t wait till the last minute—it’s too much of a headache! Get it done early and give yourself time to relax—and time to catch up on anything you missed here on USA Really!

Alright, let’s do those familiar announcements: Don’t forget to check out our Global Democracy Award contest, on the theme of the US government’s interference in other states, and our Zuckerberg Wanted action where we’re looking for you to hook us up with some sweet evidence of the government being a pain in the butt and enforcing illegal censorship online. Both of these items could you bring you several thousand dollars, so check them both out today!

And let’s kick things into high gear with a look at today’s opinion piece. It’s called “Americans Everywhere Should Support the Gilets Jaunes,” and it’s by K. E. Benois. He writes: “American media seems to have taken painstaking effort to give the massive protests in Paris as little coverage as possible, but by now most people are aware of the facts. A protest over a hike in fuel prices by the exceedingly smarmy president Emmanuel Macron, has exploded into full scale civil disobedience relating to a number of grievances including mass migration and membership in NATO. This protest of men and women in yellow high visibility vests (leading to the name Gilets Jaunes) has gripped the country and brought its capital to a standstill as the president has dug in at his residence and ordered mass arrests and, if necessary, the shooting of civilians who have been accused of attempting to launch a ‘putzsch’. Of course, famous neocons have immediately concluded that truth is to be found in the claim that somehow Russia masterminded this protest, again rather foolishly allying themselves to unlikable representative of the worst that European bankster arrogance can muster. Such things should of course be laughed at.” So what’s going on here? Extreme rightists? Extreme leftists? A revolution? Well, check out this piece to find out all the necessary details!

Then of course there’s our “This Day in History” piece. The first event is the Battle of Lake Borgne and the British victory over the United States in 1814. There’s also the Battle of Kinston in 1862, and on this day in 1962, the US performed its first nuclear test at the Nevada test site. The Nevada Test Site was founded a few years after the end of the Second World War, despite the fear of an all-out nuclear attack from the Soviet Union. Since the beginning of the Cold War, the US needed a place for the development and creation of the superpower nuclear arsenal. They served as the very center in Nevada. From 1951, for four decades, the U.S. government conducted nearly a thousand nuclear tests at the test site, earning it the nickname "the most bombed place on Earth." Here they took the crude nuclear weapons that were dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and honed their destructive power. Every test shot was always carefully planned. Scientists and engineers have studied constantly and monotonously how weapons will work in different designs and variations. On January 27, 1951, nuclear testing at the NTS officially began with the detonation of Shot Able, a 1-kiloton bomb, as part of Operation Ranger. Check out this piece for all the interesting details!

Here’s a headline you won’t see every day: “Heart in the Sky.” So, a human heart was being shipped on a plane, and, well, whoever was responsible forgot to take the heart off the plane, and it was still on the plane when it took off for its next flight. The heart was headed for Dallas, but they needed it in Seattle. I’m sure the passengers were thrilled when the captain announced they had to reroute to Seattle. At least, thankfully, the heart still made it within the necessary timeframe, and no patient needed it imminently. Still, how do you forget a heart onboard a plane?! Anyways, check out the piece for all the heart-pounding details!

Our next piece of news is gross but good in the end: Another scumbag is off the streets, or rather, out of the planes: “Indian Man Gets 9 Years in Jail for Sexual Assault on US Flight.” Basically some pervert on a plane abused the woman next to him who fell asleep in the window seat. Even better, the guy’s wife was on the other side of him! There’s no info on whether the wife knew what was going on, but yah, this is crazy. She woke up to find his hands down her pants. Thankfully, the guy got 9 years in the slammer and he’ll be deported back to India then, never allowed to return to America. Good riddance, you pervert freak.

And, sadly, a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl died while in US Border Patrol custody last week. It seems she hadn’t eaten or drank anything in several days, and 8 hours after being taken into custody with a group of more than 150 people, she started having seizures. She was taken to the hospital where she went into cardiac arrest. Doctors managed to briefly revive her, but she died less than 24 hours after being transported to the hospital. Medical personnel had measured her temperature at 105.7! Of course, this is going to bring even more scrutiny and pressure on Trump and his administration, but we’ll have to wait to understand what happened. Of course, it’s not their fault she hadn’t eaten for days, but once in custody, how did they take care of her? That’s the big question here. Lord have mercy!

And so, apparently there’ve been multiple military accidents around Japan lately. What’s going on? Two planes got into an accident off the coast of Kochi, Japan on December 6, and after a huge search with the help of Japan and Australia, all the men who died have been identified. They are: Lt. Col. Kevin R. Herrmann, 38, of New Bern, North Carolina; Maj. James M. Brophy, 36, of Staatsburg, New York; Staff Sgt. Maximo A. Flores, 27, of Surprise, Arizona; Cpl. Daniel E. Baker, 21, of Tremont, Illinois; and Cpl. William C. Ross, 21, of Hendersonville, Tennessee; and Captain Jahmar F. Resilard, 28. Lord have mercy!

Next up: “As Alabamians Enter the 200th Year of Being Called Americans, Sewer Still Flows in the Open in Many Backyards.” 199 years ago, on this day Alabama was admitted as the 22nd state of the United States. As we near 200 years of existence inside the US, it is time now that we ask ourselves how have we fared? A fair measure for evaluating the quality of life at any place is to see how the poorest of the poor live. Poverty is not a new issue in America, but the extent of this problem has seldom been discussed and brought to the attention of the entire world. According to a report from the United Nations, more than 18 million Americans are forced to live in “extreme poverty.” Among all states, Alabama ranks as the 6th poorest state, certainly not a rank any Alabamian would be proud of. A statewide nonprofit organization that identifies poverty reported that 17.2 percent of Alabamians or just over 800,000 people live below the federal poverty line, which is higher than the national average of 14 percent.

And a spaceship engine was being tested recently in Mississippi, but, well, it went caput. The test had to be ended early when the base of the engine burst into flame. So that’s a fun way to spend what I’m sure was a buttload of money, right? The article, “SLS RS-25 Engine Test Aborted After Engine Bursts Into Flame,” will tell you all about the incident plus give you plenty of info on such engines and such tests and new missions into space.

And that about does it for the news today, dear listeners. So let’s do a quick discussion on tomorrow’s opinion piece and then close up shop for the night. It’s called “Iraq Without Saddam Hussein” and it’s by Charles Lee Gillenwater. He writes: “It was 15-years ago this week, on the 13th of December 2003, that Iraq’s strongman, Saddam Hussein was captured by the United States Army, near Tikirit - his childhood home, about 100-miles from Bagdad. Iraq’s supreme leader timidly surrendered to a handful of soldiers, participating in Operation Red Dawn, whom had approached the foxhole in which the defiant President was hiding. America’s “Shock and Awe” bombing campaign, had driven the charismatic leader into hiding nine-months earlier. After a highly contested trial, on the 2nd of November 2006, Saddam Hussein was found guilty and sentenced to be hung by the neck until dead. On the 30th of December 2006, his sentence was carried out, in what President Bush described as a “botched execution.” Let’s review an assessment of what Iraq’s transition looks like today, some 15-years after the capture of its maniacal leader.

Alrighty kids, that’ll do it for today. We thank you for joining us, and thanks for reading, and we’ll see you again on Monday with another review of all the hottest and freshest news!


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