New Californians First in US to Officially Join Yellow Vest Movement
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New Californians First in US to Officially Join Yellow Vest Movement

Paul Preston/YouTube

MORGAN HILL, CALIFORNIA — December 18, 2018

Activists from the New California state movement claimed they have joined the Yellow Vests movement in France against socialism and globalism, the Epoch Times wrote.

“This is the document responsible for Paris today,” Paul Preston, the founder of the New California state movement said holding a book named Agenda 21, a 1992 United Nation’s document that has been criticized by many conservatives as the blueprint for globalists to build a worldwide government. Preston called Agenda 21 the “totalitarian plan to control the whole world.”

Paul Preston/YouTube

“You’re going to see some big things happening in the next several months from New California and we will be the 51st state. We absolutely will be. Back in the back. I'll tell you one of the keys just happened today and yesterday and that's the French Revolution, because it's our revolution. And I knew at some point in time there's gonna be a spark and that this was the spark. That's why we're wearing these Yellow Vests, it's in solidarity with the French, because their problem is the same as our problem. I mean they're revolting over a gas tax. Well why they're revolting over a gas tax? Because it's a carbon tax and lies in the carbon tax because Agenda 21 says it is. Therefore it must be. See they're suffering under the oppression of the United Nations agenda 21 just like we are,” Paul Preston said on their meeting on Dec. 8 in a town hall in front of his supporters from 13 counties, including Alameda, Santa Clara, San Benito, Santa Cruz, Contra Costa, El Dorado, Sutter, Yuba, San Joaquin, San Luis Obispo, Monterey and Stanislaus.

“New California State in their Grievance 47 came out in full support of the Yellow Vest movement in France. The Yellow Vesters are confronting the globalist attempts at a one world order in France which is what the New California State movement is also attempting to stop,” the activists said in their statement.

On Dec. 8, the group posted the “Charter of the Yellow Vests” on their Twitter fully translated from French to English.

“The California communist governor the mono-party government along with their associates at the county and city levels are engaging in mass “sustainability” fraud which is being implemented all over California,” said Paul Preston in his speech during the New California State Yellow Vest movement meeting on Dec. 12.

“Therefore the California communist government in conjunction with the communist state executive, instituted wherever the current communist governor has usurped power has created a reign of terror on United States Citizens living in California with the intent to secede from the United States of America and thus destroy the very Union of States which secures our Liberty and Freedom.”

“The United Nations Agenda 21 and 2030 Agenda plans for sustainability were adopted by the United States in 1992. Many nations around the world have embraced this totalitarian plan including the state of California. Now in 2018 the plans have matured and their true totalitarian design can be fully seen. In France a full-blown revolt against the fraud perpetrated by the United Nations is in the works. The people in France are suffering the same injustices as Californians under the totalitarian edicts where the end game for their sustainability plan is to reduce the population of humans on the planet from 7 billion to 500 million. The tools to do such monstrous activities are provided by the United Nations and their local extensions known as ‘ICLE’ aka as Local Governments for Sustainability. A global network of 1,500 cities, towns and regions they impact 25 percent of the ‘global urban population.’ Most of the cities, towns and regions involved in ICLE are found in California,” the activists say.

Former California Assemblyman and Vice President of National Initiatives at the Texas Public Policy Foundation Chuck DeVore wrote: “The ‘Yellow Vests’ revolt is largely middle class people who earn their living by driving or who commute to get to work. The cause of their ire is a scheduled 25 cents-per-gallon increase in gas taxes, and about 10 cents on diesel, to fight climate change. […] economic freedom—the kind you get with a large middle class—leads to prosperity, economic growth, and technological innovation. And it’s these three things: wealth, growth and technology, which allows humans to thrive on planet Earth, not $240 per gallon fuel taxes imposed by an elite that cares not for the masses.”

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